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NWS Weather Forecast Office Product ListingClick on the product identifier or description to view products:Product IdentifierProduct DescriptionABVRawinsonde Data Above 100 MillibarsADAAlarm/Alert Administrative MsgADMAlert Administrative MessageADRNWS Administrative MessageADVGeneric Space Environment AdvisoryAFDArea Forecast DiscussionAFMArea Forecast MatricesAFPArea Forecast ProductAFWFire Weather MatrixAGFAgricultural ForecastAGOAgricultural ObservationsALTSpace Environment AlertAQAAir Quality AlertAQIAir Quality Index StatementASAAir Stagnation AdvisoryAVAAvalanche WatchAVWAvalanche WarningAWOArea Weather OutlookAWSArea Weather SummaryAWUArea Weather UpdateAWWAirport Weather WarningBOYBuoy ReportBRGCoast Guard ObservationsBRTHourly Roundup for Weather RadioCAEChild Abduction EmergencyCCFCoded City ForecastCDWCivil Danger WarningCEMCivil Emergency MessageCF6WFO Monthly/Daily Climate DataCFPConvective Forecast ProductCFWCoastal Flood Warnings/Watches/StatementsCGRCoast Guard Surface ReportCHGComputer Hurricane GuidanceCLAClimatological Report (Annual)CLIClimatological Report (Daily)CLMClimatological Report (Monthly)CLQClimatological Report (Quarterly)CLSClimatological Report (Seasonal)CLTClimate ReportCMMCoded Climatological Monthly MeansCODCoded Analysis and ForecastsCPFGreat Lakes Port ForecastCURRoutine Space Environment ProductsCWACenter (CWSU) Weather AdvisoryCWFCoastal Waters ForecastCWSCenter (CWSU) Weather StatementDAYRoutine Space Environment Product (Daily)DDODaily Dispersion OutlookDGTDrought Information StatementDSAUnnumbered Depression / Suspicious Area AdvisoryDSMASOS Daily SummaryEFP3 To 5 Day Extended ForecastEOLAverage 6 To 10 Day Weather Outlook (Local)EQITsunami BulletinEQREarthquake ReportEQWEarthquake WarningESFFlood Potential OutlookESGExtended Streamflow GuidanceESPExtended Streamflow PredictionESSWater Supply OutlookEVIEvacuation ImmediateEWWExtreme Wind WarningFA0Aviation Area Forecasts (Pacific)FA1Aviation Area Forecasts (Northeast)FA2Aviation Area Forecasts (Southeast)FA3Aviation Area Forecasts (North Central)FA4Aviation Area Forecasts (South Central)FA5Aviation Area Forecasts (Rocky Mountains)FA6Aviation Area Forecasts (West Coast)FA7Aviation Area Forecasts (Juneau, AK)FA8Aviation Area Forecasts (Anchorage, AK)FA9Aviation Area Forecasts (Fairbanks, AK)FD024 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)FD16 Hour Winds Aloft ForecastFD212 Hour Winds Aloft ForecastFD324 Hour Winds Aloft ForecastFD4Winds Aloft ForecastFD5Winds Aloft ForecastFD6Winds Aloft ForecastFD7Winds Aloft ForecastFD86 Hour Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)FD912 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)FDIFire Danger IndicesFFAFlash Flood WatchFFGFlash Flood GuidanceFFHHeadwater GuidanceFFSFlash Flood StatementFFWFlash Flood WarningFLNNational Flood SummaryFLSFlood StatementFLWFlood WarningFOFUpper Wind Fallout ForecastFRWFire WarningFSHNatl Marine Fisheries Administrative Service MessageFTMWSR-88D Radar Outage Notification / Free Text MessageFTPFOUS Prog Max/Min Temp/Pop GuidanceFWAFire Weather Administrative MessageFWDFire Weather Outlook DiscussionFWFRoutine Fire Wx Fcst (With/Without 6-10 Day Outlook)FWLLand Management ForecastsFWMMiscellaneous Fire Weather ProductFWNFire Weather NotificationFWOFire Weather ObservationFWSSuppression ForecastFZLFreezing Level Data (RADAT)GLFGreat Lakes ForecastGLSGreat Lakes Storm SummaryGREGREENHD1RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD2RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD3RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD4RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD7RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD8RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD9RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHLSHurricane Local StatementHMDHydrometeorological DiscussionHMLAHPS XMLHMWHazardous Materials WarningHP1RFC QPF Verification ProductHP2RFC QPF Verification ProductHP3RFC QPF Verification ProductHP4RFC QPF Verification ProductHP5RFC QPF Veri
fication ProductHP6RFC QPF Verification ProductHP7RFC QPF Verification ProductHP8RFC QPF Verification ProductHRRWeather RoundupHSFHigh Seas ForecastHWOHazardous Weather OutlookHWRHourly Weather RoundupHYDDaily Hydrometeorological ProductsHYMMonthly Hydrometeorological Plain Language ProductICEIce ForecastIDMIce Drift VectorsINIADMINISTR [NOUS51 KWBC]IOBIce ObservationKPAKeep Alive MessageLAELocal Area EmergencyLCDPreliminary Local Climatological DataLCOLocal Cooperative ObservationLEWLaw Enforcement WarningLFPLocal ForecastLKELake StagesLLSLow-Level SoundingLOWLow TemperaturesLSRLocal Storm ReportLTGLightning DataMANRawinsonde Observation Mandatory LevelsMAPMean Areal PrecipitationMAWAmended Marine ForecastMIMMarine Interpretation MessageMISMiscellaneous Local ProductMOBMOB ObservationsMONRoutine Space Environment Product Issued MonthlyMRPTechniques Development Laboratory Marine ProductMSMASOS Monthly Summary MessageMTRMETAR Formatted Surface Weather ObservationMTTMETAR Test MessageMVFMarine Verification Coded MessageMWSMarine Weather StatementMWWMarine Weather MessageNOUWeather Reconnaisance FlightsNOWShort Term ForecastNOXData Mgt MessageNPWNon-Precipitation Warnings / Watches / AdvisoriesNSHNearshore Marine ForecastNUWNuclear Power Plant WarningNWRNOAA Weather Radio ForecastOAVOther Aviation ProductsOBSObservationsOFAOffshore Aviation Area ForecastOFFOffshore ForecastOMROther Marine ProductsOPUOther Public ProductsOSOOther Surface ObservationsOSWOcean Surface WindsOUAOther Upper Air DataOZFZone ForecastPFMPoint Forecast MatricesPFWFire Weather Point Forecast MatricesPLSPlain Language Ship ReportPMDPrognostic Meteorological DiscussionPNSPublic Information StatementPOEProbability of ExceedPRBHeat Index Forecast TablesPRCState Pilot Report CollectivePREPreliminary ForecastsPSHPost Storm Hurricane ReportPTSProbabilistic Outlook PointsPWOPublic Severe Weather OutlookPWSTropical Cyclone ProbabilitiesQPFQuantitative Precipitation ForecastQPSQuantitative Precipitation StatementRDFRevised Digital ForecastRECRecreational ReportRERRecord ReportRETEAS Activation RequestRFDRangeland Fire Danger ForecastRFIRFI ObservationRFRRoute ForecastRFWRed Flag WarningRHWRadiological Hazard WarningRNSRain Information StatementRR1Hydro-Met Data Report Part 1RR2Hydro-Met Data Report Part 2RR3Hydro-Met Data Report Part 3RR4Hydro-Met Data Report Part 4RR5Hydro-Met Data Report Part 5RR6Hydro-Met Data Report Part 6RR7Hydro-Met Data Report Part 7RR8Hydro-Met Data Report Part 8RR9Hydro-Met Data Report Part 9RRAAutomated Hydrologic Observation Sta Report (AHOS)RRMMiscellaneous Hydrologic DataRRSHADS DataRRYASOS SHEF Hourly Routine Test MessageRSDDaily Snotel DataRSMMonthly Snotel DataRTPReg
ional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation TableRVARiver SummaryRVDDaily River ForecastsRVFRiver ForecastRVIRiver Ice StatementRVMMiscellaneous River ProductRVRRiver Recreation StatementRVSRiver StatementRWRRegional Weather RoundupRWSRegional Weather SummarySABSpecial Avalanche BulletinSAFSpeci Agri Wx Fcst / Advisory / Flying Farmer Fcst Outlook
SAGSnow Avalanche GuidanceSATAPT PredictionSAWPrelim Notice of Watch & Cancellation Msg (Aviation)SCCStorm SummarySCDSupplementary Climatological Data (ASOS)SCNSoil Climate Analysis Network DataSCPSatellite Cloud ProductSCSSelected Cities SummarySDOSupplementary Data Observation (ASOS)SDSSpecial Dispersion StatementSELSevere Local Storm Watch and Watch Cancellation MsgSEVSPC Watch Point Information MessageSFPState ForecastSFTTabular State ForecastSGLRawinsonde Observation Significant LevelsSHPSurface Ship Report at Synoptic TimeSIGInternational Sigmet / Convective SigmetSIMSatellite Interpretation MessageSLSSevere Local Storm Watch and Areal OutlineSMFSmoke Management Weather ForecastSMWSpecial Marine WarningSOOSOO ProductSPESatellite Precipitation Estimates (TXUS20 KWBC)SPFStorm Strike Probability Bulletin (TPC)SPSSpecial Weather StatementSPWShelter in Place WarningSRFSurf ForecastSRGSoaring GuidanceSSMMain Synoptic Hour Surface ObservationSTANetwork and Severe Weather Statistical SummariesSTDSatellite Tropical Disturbance SummarySTORoad Condition Reports (State Agencies)STPState Max/Min Temperature and Precipitation TableSTQSpot Forecast RequestSUMSpace Weather MessageSVRSevere Thunderstorm WarningSVSSevere Weather StatementSWOSevere Storm Outlook Narrative (AC)SWSState Weather SummarySYNRegional Weather SynopsisTAFTerminal Aerodrome ForecastTAPTerminal Alerting ProductsTAVTravelers Forecast TableTCAAviation Tropical Cyclone AdvisoryTCDTropical Cyclone DiscussionTCETropical Cyclone Position EstimateTCMMarine/Aviation Tropical Cyclone AdvisoryTCPPublic Tropical Cyclone AdvisoryTCSSatellite Tropical Cyclone SummaryTCUTropical Cyclone UpdateTCVTropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Break PointsTIBTsunami BulletinTIDTide ReportTMATsunami Tide/Seismic Message AcknowledgementTOE911 Telephone Outage EmergencyTORTornado WarningTPTTemperature Precipitation Table (Natl and Intnl)TSUTsunami Watch/WarningTUVWeather BulletinTVLTravelers ForecastTWBTranscribed Weather BroadcastTWDTropical Weather DiscussionTWOTropical Weather Outlook and SummaryTWSTropical Weather SummaryURNAircraft ReconnaissanceUVIUltraviolet IndexVAAVolcanic Activity AdvisoryVERForecast Verification StatisticsVFTTerminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) VerificationVOWVolcano WarningWA0Airmet (Pacific)WA1Airmet (Northeast)WA2Airmet (Southeast)WA3Airmet (North Central)WA4Airmet (South Central)WA5Airmet (Rocky Mountains)WA6Airmet (West Coast)WA7Airmet (Juneau, AK)WA8Airmet (Anchorage, AK)WA9Airmet (Fairbanks, AK)WARSpace Environment WarningWATSpace Environment WatchWCNWeather Watch Clearance NotificationWCRWeekly Weather and Crop ReportWDAWeekly Data for AgricultureWDUWarning Decision UpdateWEKRoutine Space Environment Product Issued WeeklyWOUTornado/Severe Thunderstorm WatchWS1Sigmet (Northeast)WS2Sigmet (Southeast)WS3Sigmet (North Central)WS4Sigmet (South Central)WS5Sigmet (Rocky Mountains)WS6Sigmet (West Coast)WSTTropical Cyclone SigmetWSVVolcanic Activity SigmetWSWWinter Weather Warnings / Watches / AdvisoriesWWAWatch Status ReportWWPSevere Thunderstorm / Tornado Watch ProbabilitiesZFPZone Forecast Product

National Weather Service
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Kansas City, MO  64153

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