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September 15, 2003

Live Video From National Hurricane Center, Miami

See live video from the National Hurricane Center in Miami (Windows Media Player, Broadband connection required)


September 14, 2003

Isabel Likely To Hit U.S.; Typhoon Hits S. Korea; Post-Hurricane Bermuda; Sexy WX Broadcasting; Mr. Weather Up North

As of late Sunday, Hurricane Isabel is just under Cat. 5 strength with 155 mph sustained winds. Looks like it *may* be headed for the North Carolina coast. Here are maps and bulletins. The National Weather Service says Maine will feel Isabel. Get the latest stories and text updates. Much more in WXnation’s National page

Typhoon hits South Korea

After the storm in Bermuda

Miss Italy adds sex appeal to TV weather broadcasting. More details here

And announcing: Canada’s Mr. Weather


September 13, 2003

Isabel Churns; Repeated Rain Days Don’t Increase Deaths; Must-Click Headline; Weather Satellite Blunder; Wet N. Texas

Hurricane Isabel weakened to a Category 4 with 150 mph winds, but is back to a Cat. 5, packing 160 mph winds. Get National Hurricane Center updates and track the eye. Many additional hurricane links are in the National page

Interesting findings: Rain does not increase the number of deaths in crashes if it had rained the previous day, according to a new report in New Scientist magazine. Story here

Another must-click headline from the Alaska News-Miner: There’s snow in them thar hills

Weather Satellite Falls To Ground: Turns out technicians forgot to install bolts that would have held the multimillion-dollar hurricane-tracking satellite down on its cart.

Wet weather hit much of north Texas, escpecially Tarrant County on Sept. 11. Details


September 12, 2003

‘Man In Black,’ John Ritter Die; Amazing Background Aurora Image

Johnny Cash has died at 71. What an incredible American legend! I recently bought his first and most recent CDs, “Hot and Blue Guitar” and “American IV: The Man Comes Home,” and posted in this weblog on Aug. 29 about my wish for him to win more MTV VMAs He was planning to go back into the studio to record more songs. He’s in a much better place now, I’m sure, with June Carter Bush… Be sure to check out the Web site for Johnny Cash (if it’s accessible, since there is high traffic) and his Hurt video.

And a brilliant TV comic star has unexpectedly died: Actor John Ritter, 54

Both stories can be found here, along with polls and message boards for each

Another incredible background image from SpaceWeather.com’s Sept. Aurora Gallery

Hurricane Isabel info is in yesterday’s entry below:


September 11, 2003

We Remember; Latest On Isabel; Widespread Rain In N. Texas, OK

As America remembers 9/11 two years later, you’ll find on the top of the WXnation home, national, NYC and DC pages this morning: Sept. 11: Virtual Memorial | More

Hurricane Isabel continues moving westward. Much more in the WXnation National page

North Texas and Oklahoma face widespread rain and possible flooding. Here’s a regional loop. Much more in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City pages.


September 10, 2003

Missile Launch In SoCal; France’s Heat-Death Toll May Be 15,000; Soot Danger In The Air?; Plains Cooling

Sky watchers in southern California should be on the lookout for a missile launch

France’s heat-death toll could be 15,000. Details

EPA: soot a danger in USA’s air

Plains will cool down. Here’s today’s weather forecast story


September 9, 2003

Moon & Mars Get Cozy!; Latest On Isabel

The Moon and Mars are converging for a close encounter at approximately 8 p.m. EDT. tonight. Map and details from SpaceWeather.com

Hurricane Isabel Continues To Strengthen Check out the latest updates from the National Hurricane Center. Get hurricane links, including a tracker, in the WXnation National page


September 8, 2003

Isabel Churns West; Sex Change In Italy’s Weather

Hurricane Isabel churns in the Atlantic. Get more via Google News

MSNBC: In Italy, a sex change in the weather


September 7, 2003

Ham-Radio Cam Built For Outer Space; Typhoon Affects 12 Million Chinese; Dry, Calm Monday

Ham-radio cam built for outer space

Freak weather hits 12 Million Chinese

Dry, calm Monday. Details in the forecast story


September 6, 2003

Latest On Fabian & Henri; New Tropical Storm Forms; Good Aurora Pics Abound

Fabian’s aftermath (four missing after winds above 120 mph): Reuters | Google News

Henri is soaking parts of Florida… Get the latest on Henri and check out the National Weather Service’s precipitation total loop, and another from Weather UndergroundFlorida city pages, and National page

New tropical storm forms: Isabel. Here are the latest advisories

Here’s another aurora image that would make nice computer wallpaper, from SpaceWeather.com’s Aurora Gallery


September 5, 2003

Fabian Hits Bermuda

Hurricane Fabian hits Bermuda with an unconfirmed report of a 132 mph wind gust…

Bermuda Weather Links: Bermuda Weather Service | National Weather Service Bermuda Weather | Weather.com Bermuda Weather & Radar | Hurricane Tracker Animation | Weather Underground Bermuda Weather | Intellicast Bermuda Forecast | AccuWeather Bermuda Weather Forecast | BBSR Weather Pages. These and many hurricane links are in the WXnation National/International page.

News/Updates: NOAA’s National Hurricane Center updates | Latest stories from Google News

No active Bermuda webcams are online.

Links for Tropical Storm Henri are in yesterday’s entry below…


September 4, 2003

Asteroid Impact Ruled Out; Storm May Become Henri – Links; Tornado In SoCal

Asteroid 2003 QQ47’s Potential Earth Impact in 2014 Ruled Out

What may become Tropical Storm Henri is bringing rain to Florida. Links: Google News | Tampa/St. Pete Weather Radars, Forecasts and Webcams | National Hurricane Center updates | WESH-TV 2 Orlando | USA Today article | Forecast story

Tornado Touches Down, Damages Homes In Calif. Southland


September 3, 2003

New Tropical Storm In Gulf; Eyes On Fabian; Weather.com (R) Gets 20 Million Users

Tropical storm warnings are posted along the Gulf of Mexico as a new storm develops. Get the latest at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and the National page

Eyes are on Fabian

weather.com(R) Surpasses 20 Million-User Mark; Achieves Record-Setting Revenue Growth. Story here


September 2, 2003

KS Flooding Deadly; Mars & Auroras; Storm Hits Hong Kong, Brushes HI; Panda Cam Birthing Den; 8″ Of Rain In OK

Bodies are found after cars were swept away in Kansas flooding

Check out Mars and the Northern Lights in the aurora gallery from SpaceWeather.com

Typhoon hits Hong Kong while Jimena brushes Hawaii

Rain in the East… Forecast story here

The San Diego Zoo is now using its popular Internet “Panda Cam” to show live images of the panda birthing den. Story here

Some parts of Oklahoma see 8 inches of rain


September 1, 2003

New Logo 1.5 Years After WXnation.com’s Launch; Indiana Flooding; Weather Channel DJ’S Playlist

Today marks 1.5 years since WXnation.com launched, and an updated logo has just gone live across the top of all WXnation pages. More details on the first days of WXnation.com, including early snapshots of the site’s pages, are in the Feb. 26, 2003 entry

Flooding hits Indianapolis, Central Indiana

Interesting article about the music heard on The Weather Channel: Weather Channel DJ’s playlist keeps his fans guessing. I remember hearing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (specifically, “Summer”) on the local forecast back in the mid 90s. That ended up being the first classical CD I ever purchased…


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