2004's BIGGEST WEATHER DAYS         


Top Weather Days of 2004

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1. Hurricane Ivan Just Hours Away From Landfall Along U.S. Gulf Coast (Sept. 15) Details

2. Hurricane Charley Makes Landfall At Port Charlotte, Florida As Category 4 Hurricane, Moves NNE Through State (Aug. 13) Details

3. Hurricane Ivan Makes Landfall Early In The Morning Along U.S. Gulf Coast, At Least 23 Dead In U.S. By Day's End, 3 Million Without Power (Sept. 16) Details

4. Hurricane Frances Makes Landfall In Bahamas, Approaches Florida (Sept. 3) Details

5. Hurricane Frances Makes Landfall In Florida After Stalling For Most Of Day Offshore (Sept. 4) Details

6. Hurricane Frances Approaches Bahamas, 500,000 Evacuated In Florida (Sept. 2) Details

7. Hurricane Frances Batters Florida All Day (Sept. 5) Details

8. Hurricane Ivan Approaches Jamaica (Sept. 10) Details

9. Ivan, Now Tropical Depression, Dumps Up To 17 Inches Of Rain In Western Virginia, Pennsylvania (Sept. 17) Details

10. Hurricane Ivan Approaches Northern Gulf Coast (Sept. 14) Details

11. Hurricane Jeanne Makes Landfall In Exact Same Place As Hurricane Frances Three Weeks Earlier (Sept. 25) Details

12. Hurricane Ivan Approaches Caribbean Islands (Sept. 9) Details

13. Frances, Now Tropical Depression, Moves From Georgia Into Carolinas; Hurricane Ivan Advances (Sept. 7) Details

14. Hurricane Jeanne Moves Across Florida With Flooding Rains, Damaging Wind (Sept. 26) Details

15. Hurricane Charley Approaches, 1 Million Told To Evacuate In Florida (Aug. 12) Details

16. Hurricane Ivan Approaches As Frances Moves Into Northeast (Sept. 8) Details

17. Hurricane Ivan Approaches Northern Gulf Coast (Sept. 13) Details

18. Frances Starts Day In Gulf, Makes Second Landfall In Florida's Panhandle As Tropical Storm (Sept. 6) Details

19. Hurricane Charley Makes Second Landfall In South Carolina, Moves Up East Coast As Tropical Storm (Aug. 14) Details

20. Snow Storm From New Mexico To Great Lakes: Bitter Cold, Heavy Snow; 20 Inches In Parts Of Indiana (Dec. 22) Details

21. Hurricane Frances Moves Closer (Sept. 1) Details

22. Hurricane Ivan Hits Jamaica, Approaches Cayman Islands As 6th Largest Atlantic Hurricane On Record (Sept. 11) Details

23. A Re-looped Tropical Storm Ivan Hits Texas Near Louisiana Border As Hurricane Jeanne Moves Westward, Approaches Florida's East Coast (Sept. 23) Details

24. Hurricane Ivan Hits Cayman Islands, Cuba, Approaches Gulf Coast (Sept. 12) Details

25. Winter Storm Paralyzes Parts Of Midwest, 6 Dead (Dec. 23) Details

26. Hurricane Jeanne Over Land After Killing 6 In U.S. (Sept. 27) Details

27. Total Lunar Eclipse; Boston Red Sox Break Curse (Oct. 27) Details

28. Ivan Moves Away As Eyes Turn To Jeanne (Sept. 18) Details

29. Jeanne Approaches U.S. (Sept. 24) Details

30. Snow Storm Hits Half of U.S., Day #2 (Jan. 26) Details

31. Snow Storm Hits Half of U.S.,  Day #3 (Jan. 27) Details

32. Snow Storm Hits Half of U.S.,  Day #1 (Jan. 25) Details

33. Hurricane Charley's Aftermath, Earl Fizzles (Aug. 16) Details

34. Tropical Storm Gaston Dumps Rain Along East Coast; Hurricane Frances Advances (Aug. 30) Details

35. Tropical Storm Bonnie in Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Charley in Atlantic Ocean; Storms in Northeast (Aug. 11) Details

36. Hurricane Frances Moves Closer (Aug. 31) Details

37. Hurricane Charley exits U.S., 16 Dead In Florida, Tropical Storm Earl Hits Caribbean, Expected To Move Into Gulf As Hurricane (Aug. 15) Details

38. Dozens Of Vehicles Crash In Separate Accidents As Storm Blows Through Maryland; 49 Injured; LA Gets First Winter Storm Of Year (Oct. 17) Details

39. Jeanne Again Becomes Hurricane, Death Toll Up To 622 In Haiti, To Sit & Spin, May Be Possible U.S. Threat (Sept. 20) Details

40. Mount St. Helens Blows Off Steam For Fourth Time In Five Days, Bigger Eruption Possible (Oct. 5) Details

41. Indianapolis-Area Storms, Tornado Warnings Follow Indy 500 Race (May 30) Details | Story

42. Severe Weather As Thanksgiving Holiday Approaches (Nov. 24) Details

43. Dallas/Fort Worth-Area Flooding (June 9) Details

44. Five Alarm High-Rise Fire In Downtown Chicago (Dec. 6) Details

45. Tropical Storm Jeanne Meanders, May Be Possible Threat To U.S. In Coming Days (Sept. 19) Details

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Top 40 City Pages Visited In 2004: As determined by WXnation.com page views...

1. Orlando 11. New York City 21. Baltimore 31. Cleveland
2. Mobile, Ala. 12. Indianapolis 22. San Antonio 32. Las Vegas
3. West Palm Beach 13. Houston 23. Charlotte 33. Austin
4. Miami 14. Los Angeles 24. Jacksonville 34. Knoxville
5. Dallas-Fort Worth 15. Vancouver 25. Kansas City 35. Syracuse
6. New Orleans 16. Toronto 26. Washington, D.C. 36. San Diego
7. Tampa 17. Chicago 27. Denver 37. San Francisco
8. Key West 18. Boston 28. Columbus 38. Oklahoma City
9. Panama City, Fla. 19. St. Louis 29. Phoenix 39. Omaha
10. Atlanta 20. Detroit 30. Minneapolis 40. Pittsburgh
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