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Aug. 29: Hurricane Katrina hits U.S. Gulf Coast with 140 mph winds, moves just east of New Orleans; Superdome roof ripped as Katrina slams New Orleans Details
2 Aug. 28: Hurricane Katrina nears Gulf Coast as Cat. 5, New Orleans evacuates Details
3 Sept. 23: Hurricane Rita approaches Texas-Louisiana border; More levees fail in New Orleans, water pours in; 24 evacuees die in bus fire Details
4 Aug. 30: Hurricane Katrina, 2nd day since landfall: Relief, then reports of New Orleans flooding; Almost 3 million without power; Widespread damage in La., Miss., Ala.; Major damage in New Orleans, Mobile, St. Bernard Parish, Gulfport; TV stations taken off air Details
5 Sept. 22: Hurricane Rita approaches Texas/Louisiana; Houston residents struggle to get inland: Gas shortages amid 100-mile backup on interstate Details

6 Sept. 24: Hurricane Rita makes landfall as Cat. 3 just east of TX-LA border; Major damage around Lake Charles Details
7 Aug. 31: Hurricane Katrina, 3rd day since landfall: Mayor says thousands may be dead in New Orleans, Gov. orders mostly-flooded city abandoned as crisis deepens Details
8 Oct. 24: Hurricane Wilma makes landfall near Cape Romano, Fla., as major Cat. 3 with 125 mph sustained winds Details
9 Dec. 8: Storms bring heavy snow, cold to U.S. heartland; Ice/snow storm shuts down D/FW schools Details
10 Sept. 21: Hurricane Rita now 3rd most intense hurricane recorded in Atlantic Basin; Category 5 approaches Texas; Gov. calls for voluntary evacuations of Texas Coast; Galveston issues mandatory evacuation order Details
11 July 10: Hurricane Dennis makes landfall in Florida's Panhandle as weakened Category 3 storm Details
12 Sept. 1: Hurricane Katrina, 4th day since landfall: Chaos erupts amid New Orleans' desperation; Thousands likely dead in city, says mayor; City flooded with contaminated water, thousands still waiting to be rescued; Evacuees begin arriving at Houston Astrodome; Texas schools enroll evacuee children; Pentagon to send 10,000 National Guard troops; S. Mississippi crime, looting Details
13 Dec. 7: Ice/sleet/snow mix in Dallas/Fort Worth causes traffic snarls Details
14 Sept. 20: Hurricane Rita passes south of Florida Keys; Galveston issues mandatory evacuation order Details
15 Dec. 9: Major winter storm slams Northeast, closes Boston's Logan Airport; Near-blizzard conditions in E. New England; Southwest jet skids off Chicago runway amid heavy snow, kills boy Details
16 Sept. 2: Hurricane Katrina, 5th day since landfall: Relief supplies arrive in New Orleans; Bus carrying evacuees overturns; Bush admits Katrina response 'not enough', tours devastation; Blasts, fires in N.O.; Fear of returning; Biloxi is 'completely flattened'; Miss. town practically wiped off map Details
17 Dec. 15: Ice storm freezes South leaves 450,000 in dark; Penn., Ohio wintry mix; N.C., Ga. ice; Detroit all-day snow; Houston tornadoes, 7.28 inches of rain Details
18 Jan. 22: NYC blizzard warning: 14-20 inches of snow; Boston blizzard: 18-26 inches possible across New England; Foot of snow possible in Philly; 7 inches possible in D.C.; 12 inches possible in Cleveland, Chicago Details
19 Dec. 5: Snow storm for NYC, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, S. New England; NYC may get 5 inches of snow; S. Jersey may see 7 inches; 3 die in NJ's first snow storm of the season; D.C. area may see 4 inches of snow; 4 inches possible in Philly area Details
20 July 8: Hurricane Dennis kills 10 in Cuba, 22 in Haiti; Keys, Gulf Coast brace for Dennis; Alabama Coast boards up as Dennis appears to be on Ivan's track Details
21 Nov. 15: Severe storms with tornadoes possible from Deep South to Great Lakes; Whiteout conditions shut down I-70 in Colo. Details (Following Day: Midwest storms bring 'major destruction')
22 July 9: Hurricane Dennis intensifies over Gulf of Mexico; Gulf Coast prepares for possibility of first Category 4 hurricane to hit U.S. in July Details
23 Oct. 21: Hurricane Wilma makes landfall in Cozumel; Coastline of Yucatan Peninsula may see widespread damage as landfall possible by evening; Tourists flee; Voluntary evacuations urged in Fla. Details
24 Oct. 23: Wilma strengthens to Cat. 3 hurricane, landfall expected in SW Fla. by dawn Mon.; Hurricane Center Director: Wilma to speed toward Fla. 'like a rocket' after killing at least 20; Hurricane warning posted for S. Fla.; Cancun, Cozumel pummeled; Floridians flee as rain bands soak area Details
25 Jan. 5: Winter storm warnings in Midwest, Northeast; 3 storms may converge in once-in-a-generation onslaught; Ice storm in Kansas; Reno's biggest snowstorm in 15 years Details
26 Jan. 23: Snowstorm's updated forecasts: Boston, 20-30 inches; Mass.: wind gusts up to 75 mph; NYC may see 18 inches; Snowy Sunday for NFC, AFC title games; Blizzard pummels Ontario Details
27 Feb. 28: Nor'easter kicks off workweek; Motown may become snowtown; Tornado destroys Florida homes Details
28 Sept. 19: Tropical Storm Rita nears Fla. Keys, could affect TX or LA; Hurricane warnings, watches issued for S. Fla.; New Orleans mayor suspends reopening of city due to Rita Details
29 June 8: Tornado warnings in KC-area; Tropical Depression One forms in Gulf Of Mexico, could hit N. Gulf Coast by weekend as tropical storm Details
30 July 19: Hurricane Emily slows down as South Texas prepares; Category 3 Emily hours from second landfall in Mexico; Emily tears off luxury hotel roofs, strands thousands of tourists, leaves hundreds homeless in Yucatan; 11 people in Phoenix die of heat-related ailments as temps soar Details
31 Nov. 28: Major snowstorm causes havoc in heartland; More Mont. snow coming; Storm moves into Minn.; Deadly tornadoes rake Ark.; Parts of Kan. ducked tornadoes; Snowstorm in Sierras, Rockies; New Orleans school opens; Tropical Storm Delta aims for Canary Islands Details
32 Dec. 14: Ice, snow may cause problems today in Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic; Wintry mix possible for W. Triangle; Twin Cities expecting 7 to 9 inches of snow Details
33 June 10: Tropical Storm Arlene swirls closer to N. Gulf Coast, could dump 7 inches of rain in parts of Florida; Storms cause damage in SE Michigan, NE Ohio; Me on MSNBC Details
34 Oct. 20: Wilma weakens slightly to Category 4 hurricane after becoming most powerful hurricane in Atlantic Basin; Wilma bears down on Central America Details
35 Sept. 25: Rita now tropical depression; Heavy rain, tornadoes possible in MS, AL, areas north Details
36 Oct. 25: Hurricane Wilma's aftermath: Millions begin recovery; More than 6 million without power, at least 6 deaths blamed on Wilma; Clean-up begins; Tornado lifts 2-story Fla. home Details
37 Oct. 19: Hurricane Wilma most intense storm on record in Atlantic Basin after jumping from Cat. 2 to Cat. 5 overnight, current track takes it to S. Fla.; Wilma season's record-tying 12th hurricane Details
38 Dec. 6: Coastal storm less bothersome than feared for NJ, NYC; Snow heads for Boston; Okla. braces for Arctic cold, up to 8-10 inches of snow Wed.; Central Texas hard freeze, snow coming? Details
39 Dec. 16: Ice storm in South leaves 700,000 without power early Friday; Snow storm shuts down Toronto, or does it? Details
40 July 20: Hurricane Emily makes landfall along northeastern Mexico coast just south of Texas border Details

Top 40 City Pages Visited In 2005: Jan. 1-Dec. 31, as determined by WXnation.com page views
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Biggest gainers: Minneapolis, Houston, Pittsburgh, Boston, Toronto, Kansas City, L.A., D.C.
New: Reno, Cape Coral/Ft. Myers, Buffalo

1. New Orleans (6) 11. Key West (8) 21. Tampa (7) 31. Las Vegas (32)
2. Houston (13) 12. Chicago (17) 22. W. Palm Beach (3) 32. Austin (33)
3. Dallas-Ft. Worth (5) 13. Indianapolis (12) 23. Reno (--) 33. San Francisco (37)
4. New York City (11) 14. Minneapolis (30) 24. Mobile, Ala. (2) 34. Buffalo (--)
5. Los Angeles (14) 15. Atlanta (10) 25. Ft. Myers (--) 35. San Antonio (22)
6. Toronto (16) 16. Kansas City (25) 26. Panama City  (9) 36. Omaha (39)
7. Boston (18) 17. Washington D.C. (26) 27. St. Louis (19) 37. Syracuse (35)
8. Vancouver (15) 18. Detroit (20) 28. Pittsburgh (40) 38. Cleveland (31)
9. Miami (4) 19. Baltimore (21) 29. Oklahoma City (38) 39. Jacksonville (24)
10. Orlando (1) 20. Denver (27) 30. Charlotte (23) 40. San Diego (36)

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