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April 30, 2003

Blue Jay Update; Sunspot Gif; Stormy Day

Saw that same blue jay that I spotted on the way to work Friday, and instead of having a Kleenex in its beak, this morning it was drinking from some water in the middle of the road — largely a sign that the worst of the SARS outbreak is over in Toronto.

Sunspot animated gif from SpaceWeather.com

Weather today: Stormy Central Plains/Mississippi Valley


April 29, 2003

Earthquake In South

Earthquake rattles part of the South U.S.

Here’s a map of all recent earthquake activity. Much more in the earthquake section of the National page.


April 28, 2003

Spotty Storms; NBC Blooper Of Bloopers; Jay Blues

No storms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area today, but a chance exists through the week. Hit-and-miss showers and storms may rule Tuesday, according to this USA Today article.

Meanwhile, skiers are happy in the West

Want to see an NBC blooper (that’s being featured in a promo running right now) before the blooper show airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET? It involves a co-worker of mine, morning anchor Michael Scott, who told me he’s now being referred to as “lizard boy.” Here’s When Geckos Attack Anchors.

The Toronto Blue Jays apparently want to drop the “Blue” part from its name. The Texas Rangers are arriving in Toronto and will be staying in their rooms as SARS has many concerned. This is a true story: On the way to work Friday morning, I saw a blue jay fly up to a branch … with a Kleenex in its beak! I’m not sure if it was upset over the possible Toronto Blue Jays name change, or if it was protecting itself from SARS.


April 27, 2003

Earth Shine Shot; Rangers Update; FW Arts Festival; Plains Storms Monday

Here’s a nice shot of earthshine from SpaceWeather.com

Well, it took me NOT watching the Texas Rangers for them to beat the NY Yankees. I did go to game #2 of the series Saturday night and the Rangers once again came up just short…

As for weather, it was great here in Fort Worth, and I went with my wife and family to the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival. It was sunny and the high was 88. Windy also, but I love wind.

North Texas and the Plains could see stormy weather beginning Monday afternoon. Further west, it will be wet on the West Coast. More details on Monday’s forecast in this USA Today article. Check your closest city for cams and radars.

Have a good start to the week!


April 26, 2003

Quake By ’32; Haywire Sun; SARS Cams; My Fortune

Saw the Texas Rangers almost beat the NY Yankees last night. We may go see a game again tonight… Looks like the Mavs are well on their way. But enough about sports, this is a mostly weather and webcam site.

Report: Big earthquake could hit San Francisco by 2032

Haywire sun

Singapore using webcams for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Fortune Cookie Speaks: In unrelated matters (my own life), I went to a Chinese restaurant (Rickshaw) in Fort Worth last week with a friend (Billy), and received a fortune cookie, as usual. However, I was confused when I discovered that my fortune (while being kind enough to tell me that it was, indeed, coming directly from the cookie itself) really didn’t give me a clear answer, thanks to the misuse of a semi-colon:

“Fortune cookie says; you will gain admiration from your peers.”


April 25, 2003

Aurora Watch; Alabama, SE Storms

Aurora Watch Tonight & Saturday

Parts of Alabama are under tornado warning. Here’s a radar loop and NWS text warnings. More radars and cams in the Birmingham page. A portion of southern Illinois is also in a tornado warning this afternoon.


April 24, 2003

Arkansas Tornadoes; Texas Storms

Severe weather has broken out in Arkansas. Some resources: NWS Text Warnings | Arkansas radar loop | Little Rock page

Last night, powerful storms hit just south of Dallas Fort Worth, with 100 mph winds, damaging 50 homes and leaving 100 to 150 homeless. More details here.


April 23, 2003

Severe Weather In Texas, OK; jEt-clipse

Severe weather moved across parts of Texas, including Abilene and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Check out this image of a jet eclipsing the sun from SpaceWeather.com


April 22, 2003

First-Ever April Tropical Storm; New Aurora Pics

Ana Strengthens To First Ever April Tropical Storm. Check out the hurricane section in the National page for more.

Some great new Aurora pic additions at SpaceWeather.com


April 21, 2003

Weather Programming; Typhoon Update

Here’s a story on Tuesday’s weather

Weather Channel expands programming options

Get the latest on a typhoon near the northern Philippines


April 20, 2003

Weather Flip-Flop; Meteor Shower; Tornadoes In OK, NE

Hope you had a good Easter Sunday. I did, and it was a perfect weather-day…

Weather flip-flop

Lyrid Meteor Shower under way, says SpaceWeather.com. It peaks Apr. 22 and 23.

A tornado hit northern Oklahoma, damaging 10 to 30 homes. Tornadoes also hit Nebraska.


April 19, 2003

To Rain Or Not To Rain; Big Brother Cams?; Failed Iraq Webcam

It appears stormy weather won’t hit Dallas-Fort Worth, and Easter looks good…

Storms broke out east of the DFW Metroplex, and across Oklahoma. Some storms may break out in DFW next week. I hope there won’t be too many rainy days this spring since we’re having a house built in north Fort Worth (it will be our first home). Of course, this is the rainy season here, and I like storms (not damaging ones, of course). This is the first spring where I wouldn’t mind a little less rain, though … it will be nice to end a long era of apartment renting…

Are webcams turning the world into Big Brother? This article from Ireland’s ElectricNews.net suggests EarthCam.com is among Web sites making it a surveillance nation.

Here’s a Detroit News article on how the Failed Iraq Webcam plan still sheds light.


April 18, 2003

Stormy Good Friday

Space Station fly-by animated gif is on SpaceWeather.com’s homepage.

My car’s going to be protected tonight as hail is a possibility in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex tonight. A hailstorm earlier this month hit the area and damaged many cars, plus my co-worker Steve’s roof. The hail approached baseball size as the storms swept across the north half of the Metroplex. It was the biggest hailstorm I’ve ever seen, my wife too, and she’s been a Texan since she was 4…

Good Friday Forecast: Storms move across the U.S. with widespread rain, snow in a some places, and a chance of severe storms with dangerous winds or large hail in the Plains. More details in this USA Today article.

Precip Forecast | T-Storm Forecast


April 17, 2003

Strange Moon; Auroras Make Phones Ring; Cold NE

SpaceWeather.com has a strange moon shot.

How about getting a phone call when auroras light up the sky, or the space station flies by? SpaceWeather has a new alert service that phones you when things are happening in the skies.

Why did the lights go out in College Station, Texas? There were some reports that the power outage affected residents as far away as Houston and Dallas!

A tornado warning in the Denver area spawned concern this evening. Here’s the story from TheDenverChannel.

It’s chilly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic today … a cruel turn of events after a warm few days up there. More, including today’s forecast from USA Today.


April 16, 2003

Midwest Cool-Down, Storms

A wintry mix, rain and storms are in the forecast for much of the Midwest today. Here’s a North Central & Midwest US radar loop and lower Midwest radar loop. Check your closest city for many radars and cams.

Monitor watches and warnings at Earthwatch and NWS.

Some links of note for monitoring storms: Weather.com thunderstorm forecast and Precip forecast.

The record warmth for the Midwest ends with the arrival of these storms. A return to winter is in store for many up there. Details on Wednesday’s weather here.


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