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April 15, 2003

Stormy Plains, North Central US

Strong thunderstorms moved into Oklahoma, Kansas and extreme North Texas this evening, after raking through Minneapolis/St. Paul and Green Bay.

Here are radar loops of the lower and central plains and the North Central US. Many good webcams for OK and TX are in the Super Sites page. One great streaming cam at TCU in Fort Worth shows nicely just how windy it is in DFW tonight (25 mph wind, 37 mph gusts at 9 p.m.).

Check out details on Tuesday’s weather.


April 14, 2003

SD Rain; Warm East, Wet West; Crazy & Wintry WX

San Diego is getting hit by up to an inch or two of rain this evening. Details from KSND-TV. Also, check out the San Diego page for radars and cams. Here’s a radar loop of the region, and the warning/watch map and NWS info/text. Here are some good streaming cams: SunDiego Live and Camzone.

Warm Midwest … some records may be set. Welcome to spring!

The warmth may lead to severe storms in the Central U.S. Tuesday. It has already led to grass fires in Minnesota. One place that could use some rain: northern N.H.

It was sunny and warm east of the Rockies, and cold and wet west of the Rockies. The wild card line is … oops, sorry, it started to sound like the opening to the late night radio show Coast to Coast AMHere’s more text on tonight and Tuesday’s U.S. forecast. More rain is expected in California later this week. Here’s a story from KNBC in L.A.

It appears that wintry weather isn’t quite finished with Detroit. Guess they can be glad it isn’t as crazy as it was in the Sierra on Palm Sunday or in N. Iraq according to this article

Middle East Text Forecast


April 13, 2003

Day On The Ranch; Sunny U.S., Except West Coast

Well, my wife and I spent Saturday up in Wichita Falls, Texas, with family. Her uncle has a ranch up there and we spent the day on horses and 4 wheelers. It was in the low 80s and sunny … beautiful weather. Hope you had nice weather, too. Most of the country did Saturday, and will again today, except for some rain in the West Coast.

U.S. Weather: Check out today’s text forecast.

Middle East Weather: Here’s the latest text forecast for Iraq cities. FYI: I’ve just added the Weather.com magnet for Baghdad weather conditions to the National page.

Here’s some additional info on Iraq and an Iraq entry page from WorldAtlas.com.


April 12, 2003

CA Storm, Rain On Coasts; Dry West?; Flood Pics; Dave & Ray

It will be rainy on parts of both coasts, and dry in the middle today. San Francisco and Los Angeles may see rain. Here’s a story from KNBC-TV Los Angeles and Sacramento Bee.

The West Headed For Dry Summer? and a Hot 2002 May Raise Concerns

Here’s the opposite of dry: Flooding pictures from the South and East via Wunderground.

Middle East Weather: It’ll be mostly sunny and warm, but not extremely hot this weekend in and around Baghdad. Here’s the latest text forecast for Iraq cities and forecast summary from USA Today. Much more is in the National page and entries below.

Dave: Want to take a vacation from the war coverage? Cable TV network TRIO is running a marathon of classic Late Night With David Letterman episodes through early tomorrow morning to celebrate his birthday. And, tonight’s Saturday Night Live will be new and hosted by Ray Romano.


April 11, 2003

Cool, Rainy Mid-Atlantic & Northeast; CA Storm Approaches

It will be a cool and rainy day in parts of Pennsylvania, New York and New England. Check out a radar loop of the area.

Story on Friday’s weather from USA Today.

CA Storm: The National Weather Service is predicting another stormy weekend for the Bay Area in California.


April 10, 2003

Flood Threat; Moon Light

Severe storms are possible in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore today. Much of the region is under a flood watch, along with parts of Kentucky and the Carolinas. Several states are also under flash flood warnings. Check out the Earthwatch.com watch/warning map, NWS watch/warning text and a radar loop of the Carolinas and KY/VA. Flooding story links here.

Middle East Weather: Here’s the latest forecast for Baghdad. Much more is in the National page and entries below.

In the sky tonight, that bright star by the moon is Jupiter. More at SpaceWeather.com.


April 9, 2003

Baghdad, Iraq Webcams & Weather; Storms In SE

U.S. Marines helped Iraqis take down a statue of Saddam in Baghdad’s Firdos Square, and cheered in the streets of northern Iraq following a celebration and looting in eastern Baghdad. More text on this from Fox News. Baghdad webcams/video feeds are in the National page. One site of note is the Mother of All War Websites, which features links to many Iraq satellite feeds and Baghdad cams, including Abu Dhabi TV and others from the Middle East (these are in the menu to the left.)

The latest weather for Iraq: 15-Day Forecast and Text Forecasts For Iraqi Cities. Much more in the National page and entries below.

Strong earthquake cracks buildings in Turkey.

U.S. Weather: Weather story for today from USA Today. Thunderstorms are possible in eastern Florida, and Georgia. Parts of the region are in a flood watch.

It was unusually cold in North Texas this morning, where temps dropped to the freezing mark just north of Dallas-Fort Worth. It got down to the mid-30s in the DFW Metroplex. Further south, damaging hail hit Brownsville, Texas on Tuesday. The NWS confirmed a tornado struck East Texas on Sunday.


April 8, 2003

Earthshine & Auroras; Cooler Iraq

One of the best times of the year for Earthshine is here. SpaceWeather.com explains. SpaceWeather.com also says auroras are possible Apr. 8 and 9. Here’s another great gallery of Northern Lights shots.

Text for today’s weather. Flooding is possible in the Carolinas and southeast states. Strong storms are possible in northern Florida and extreme southern Georgia. (Carolinas radar loop, Florida radar loop & warning map).

April Storm: Here’s more on Monday’s snowstorm in the East Coast and Midwest. Wintry weather continues in Detroit as well, as WDIV-TV reports.

Middle East Weather: Cooler days ahead in Iraq.

Want something more interactive? Bomb Saddam! And for those who want a game with less violence, try Something Fishy III.

Iraq and Middle East cams, video feeds and weather are in the National page and entries below.


April 7, 2003

NYC April Snowstorm Cancels Yankees Opener; Storms In South; Detroiters In Dark, Cold From Ice Storm

New York City is under 5 inches of snow as of the early evening. WNBC-TV has an article on NYC’s first significant April snowstorm in 21 years. Here’s a radar loop of the region. Many weather and webcam links are in the NYC page. The snow has postponed the Yankees home opener. Boston is also seeing the white stuff. Details in this TheBostonChannel.com article.

Check out more on today and tomorrow’s weather from USA Today.

Also seeing wintry weather Monday: the central Plains (more than 15 inches fell on the Iowa/Minnesota border), Great Lakes region, and southern New England. More here. I recall that the Symbol (or is he referred to as Prince again?) one sang “Sometimes It Snows In April.” It’s just one of many obscure ’80s songs still stuck in my head… Check out the current snowfall forecast map.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia were seeing severe thunderstorms this afternoon. Houston also got stormy weather. Parts of Texas and Louisiana are under T-storm watches this evening. Check out the warning/watch map and NWS text warnings.

Detroit got socked again, this time with snow instead of ice, but some are still without power from Friday’s storm, and may not get electricity back until Wednesday. More from WDIV-TV and Mike’sEJournal.com weblog.

Middle East weather: Here’s the latest text forecast for Iraq.


April 6, 2003

Severe South, Hail Storm Hits Near-Home

Our prayers go out to the friends and family of NBC anchor David Bloom, who suffered a pulmonary embolism while embedded in Iraq and died. While I never met Bloom myself, I worked for NBC for two years, and still work for them through Internet Broadcasting Systems.

Severe Weather: Parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were under severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings early Sunday evening. Check out the watch/warning map (it’s all lit up tonight) and NWS U.S. text warnings page for updates. Here’s a radar loop for the area. TheJacksonChannel.com has some good live webcams in Jackson. Birmingham cams: WBRC-TV, and WVTM-TV (click on ‘Skycam’), and The Bama Cam offers streaming video of Tuscaloosa.

I’m back in Arlington after spending last night in Keller, TX (near north Fort Worth), where hail approaching the size of golf balls fell in some parts of the city. It was the largest hail storm I’ve seen. Read details on the storm from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


April 5, 2003

Severe Plains, SE; Icy & Snowy NE

Severe weather could hit parts of North Texas and Oklahoma, as well as the Southeast and East, according to the Weather.com thunderstorm forecast. Look for the city nearest you on the WXnation homepage map. Check out the watch/warning map and IWIN text warnings for the latest advisories. Here are radar loops of TX/OK and the Southeast.

A mix of rain, sleet and snow continues in the Northeast. More here. Also, check this out for more on the storm in New York State. Enjoy snow, but far away from it? Check out the Syracuse.com streaming cam, it’s like looking out a window.

An ice storm left many Metro Detroiters without power, and they may not see light or feel heat again until Monday. More from WDIV-TV in Detroit, and in the blogging world, a first-hand account from MikesEJournal.com. More Detroit cams here.

In Canada: Storm cancels Toronto flights, moves through Quebec. The usually spectacular view of Toronto’s skyline via the Toronto.com cam is currently covered over by a sheet of ice. Fortunately, its live stream is up. More cams and weather links in the Toronto page.

Busy hurricane season? Hurricane forecaster reiterates prediction

In the Middle East: Today’s forecast for Iraq cities (text).

MSNBC has posted an article about the ability to keep a live eye on Baghdad through webcams on the Net.

Many additional Middle East weather and webcam links are in the National page and entries below…


April 4, 2003

Triple Digit Iraq & Mother Of Wars Site; Mixed Bag Weather

Parts of Michigan are under a coat of ice or snow, depending on where you go. Details from WDIV-TV in Detroit.

Several counties in central Illinois and Indiana were under a tornado watch today (here’s a regional radar loop) as severe weather broke out in St. Louis and Illionis, Indiana, and Ohio. Here’s the latest warning/watch map. Check your city for approaching storms. Storms popped up in Dallas-Fort Worth this morning, but cleared out for the Texas Rangers’ opening day. More details.

Winter has returned to parts of the Northeast and New England as more than 6 inches of snow has fallen in some areas and ice in others, slowing traffic and closing schools. More here.

Elsewhere in the country, it’s a mixed bag weather wise. A complete text summary is here.

Just added to National page: Mother Of All Wars Website, which currently features Abu Dhabi streaming audio/video, an Iraq satellite TV stream (among other satellite feeds, including CNN), many Baghdad cam links, and audio links. Mentioned in Al’s Morning Meeting… In Iraq, temps are expected to reach triple digits. Here’s the latest cities text forecast.

Check out this aurora photo from Michigan, currently on the cover page of SpaceWeather.com.

Remember, most of us “spring ahead” early Sunday morning. I like what David Letterman had to say about this last night: “We have to change our clocks this weekend. I’m not sure which way, just change ’em … and remember, you heard it here first!”


April 3, 2003

Binoculars, Weather Radios & Varying Temps

SpaceWeather.com recommends we grab out binoculars and look to the sky (Jupiter, to be exact).

Added: Northern Illinois is praying for rain.

NOAA Weather Radios can alert customers should there be a biological attack. More in this KCBD-TV article from Lubbock, Texas. You can pick a Weather Radio up at RadioShack.com. Not really trying to sound like an ad here … I did work for RadioShack around the time when it changed from two words to one. I also live and work in Fort Worth, where it is headquartered … just trying to spur our local economy. Also, fly American Airlines! :^)

Weather wise, expect more warmth in the central and south U.S., and freezing temps in the north. More here.

Hot weather is not slowing coalition forces in Iraq, according to this SpaceWar article.


April 2, 2003

U.S./Iraq Weather, Aurora Pics

In the U.S. today: Live in the plains near the Canadian border? You might want to hop in a car and drive a few hours south — you’ll go from wintry to summery weather. More in the text forecast for today.

Here are some Iraq resources: Weather forecast for specific cities in Iraq, and moon phases. Many more links: National page & entries below.

SpaceWeather.com has compiled another good batch of aurora pics for March 2003 and now begins a new gallery for April. There are also some good shots of the Northern Lights from another angle — space, and links from the Aurora Page.


April 1, 2003

Heat Wave In Iraq; April Fool’s Day Arrives

Heat is building in Iraq, with a high of 100 possible Friday. Weather experts say troops in Iraq face an unusually long heatwave. More details here, and in the links at the National page.

As for the weather in the U.S. today, here’s a story on today’s forecast and tomorrow’s.

While the mood may be mostly somber amid the war in Iraq, it is April Fool’s Day: Trick the unsuspecting co-worker or family member today with a computer prank. Also, check out the Top 100 April Fool’s Day hoaxes.

Oddly enough, today is also WXnation.com’s 13 month anniversary… Here’s an old snapshot of the site at its beginning. More details are in the Feb. 26 entry of this weblog.


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