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May 31, 2003

Weekend Upon Us!

Here’s the weekend outlook story from USA Today. Have a good weekend!


May 30, 2003

100 In DFW; Hot Houston; Hurricane Forecast Raised; Partial Eclipse

Well, it hit 100 degrees at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this afternoon. Last year, there was only one 100-degree day at DFW Airport. Here we go… More details.

It almost did the same in Houston, but I’m sure it felt like it. More here.

Hurricane forecast raised

Sky watchers in Alaska, parts of Canada, most of Europe and Asia will experience a partial eclipse of the Sun this weekend. More details at SpaceWeather.com.

Farmers will get more info on weather, soil through NASA


May 29, 2003

Cities Create Own Weather; Urban Heat In Houston; StormReady; WX In Rut

Cities may be creating their own weather, and changing the climate around the globe.

NASA study says urban heat impacts Houston rainfall

National weather service will recognize Kingsville, Texas as a StormReady community in time for hurricane season, which begins Sunday. Many hurricane links are in our National page.

Forecast: Weather in a rut, says this USA Today article on Friday’s weather


May 28, 2003

Mysterious Diploma In Tornado Debris; Aurora Warning

Mysterious Diploma Found In Tornado Debris

USA Today weather story for Thursday: West stuck with heat; East chills

Aurora Warning from SpaceWeather.com


May 27, 2003

F5 Tornado Anniversary

An F5 tornado hit Jarrell, Texas 6 years ago today, killing 27. A good summary is here. Also: A 1997 CNN story is here.


May 26, 2003

OK Tornado Pics; Crop Formation Stumps NWS Meterologist; Sound Waves To Detect Tornadoes?; Ring Around Sun

Have a good Memorial Day

I promised to post pictures I took of the damage left behind by an F4 tornado in Moore, OK on May 8. The pics were taken on May 10, but I’ve just developed and scanned ’em. The first three were taken on Interstate 35 just south of Interstate 240. The last was taken at I-240 and Sooner:

Moore, OK torando damage from I-35

Moore, OK torando damage from I-35

Moore, OK torando damage from I-35

Moore, OK torando damage from I-240

Odd patches of tall grass knocked down has a couple, their neighbors and a National Weather Service meteorologist stumped

The same ultra-low-frequency sound waves that whales and elephants use to communicate over long distances have been harnessed in a novel tornado-detection network being tested by Boulder researchers. More here.

Baseball-size hail fell in Denton County, just north of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Pic: Cool ring around the sun from SpaceWeather.com


May 25, 2003

Some To See Rain In Memorial Day Forecast

East Coast, Gulf Coast will see clouds, showers, and a even few thunderstorms Monday. Details here.


May 24, 2003

Nation Of Homeland Webcam Watchers?; The Ag Cam;

Interesting webcam article: Priceline.com founder envisions a nation of Web cam watchers guarding homeland

‘Ag Cam’ to be launched into space on a shuttle mission next summer

Some Iowa residents get weather radio for $11. Not bad… I still have yet to get a weather radio. I am using my pager from work for severe weather alerts.

Here’s an updated weather story for the weekend from USA Today: Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions will see rain … over the central Plains, some intense thunderstorms, a few severe.


May 23, 2003

Memorial Day Rainy In East, Best In Midwest, Southwest

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day holiday weekend! Here’s the weekend weather story from USA Today. I’m shooting for some r&r since I’m coming off a long stretch of colds and allergies.


May 22, 2003

Earthquake Death Toll Rises; Auroras; Calling American Idols

Algerian earthquake has killed more than 1,000, injured more than 7,000

Aurora Alert May 22/23

Many are talking about the American Idol results… Clay fans claim they couldn’t vote.


May 21, 2003

Quake Kills 500+; Amazing Eclipse Pics; Costliest-Ever Tornadoes; Where Would You Stick A Webcam?

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has killed more than 500 people in Algeria. Story and Google newswire. USGS World map and quake list. More earthquake links in the National page.

Incredible May 15/16 lunar eclipse shots added to SpaceWeather.com’s Eclipse photo gallery, includes this amazing San Francisco shot.

Forecast reveals another wet day for some: Story from USA Today.

Tornadoes earlier this month may be the costliest ever. USA Today story here.

Archiving a storm from 1966

National Weather service hopes slogan saves lives. More from Fort Worth Star-Telegram

A webcam entry (how long has it been!): Kids in the U.K. were asked: ‘Where would you stick a webcam?’ A 13-year-old focused a webcam on her chickens and she’s had thousands of visitors from all over the world. Story and answers here.


May 20, 2003

Hurricane Names Close To Home; Freak Wind; Moviegoers & WX

Some interesting names for hurricanes this year: Bill (that’s my name!); Danny (my wife’s dad’s name); Kate (friends of mine know I have always loved the music of Kate Bush but never understood it); Peter (named after another great musical artist and friend to Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel); and Victor (one of my co-workers at NBC 5). The complete list is in this NOAA page.

Freak Wind Causes Maine Building Collapse

WREG-TV asks the question: Who warns movie patrons in severe weather?


May 19, 2003

Higher Number Of Hurricanes In Forecast

NOAA experts predict 6 to 9 hurricanes.

See NOAA’s complete hurricane forecast.

Severe storms may be possible in parts of Oklahoma and Texas, according to today’s text forecast.

Aurora watch again at SpaceWeather.com


May 18, 2003

More Lunar Pics; Rain In South

The lunar eclipse gallery is growing with some great shots… but many missed it.

More rain in parts of the South. Details from USA Today.

Storms cause damage in SW Kansas

And finally: Woman uses love of meteorology to help public weather storms


May 17, 2003

Beautiful Festival Day In Birmingham … Until

As of noon, is a beautiful day in downtown Birmingham for Day 2 of the big City Stages festival, which draws thousands, but the skies will soon open over the city, as this National Weather Service radar loop shows. A tornado watch is in effect this afternoon, so be careful if you’re headed out there… More from NBC 13.


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