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August 31, 2003

Grace Brings Rain To Texas; Webcam Archive Update Includes Devil & Jay Faces

Here are some links to recent stories on Tropical Depression Grace, now hitting the Texas coast between Houston and Corpus Christi. Flooding will be the biggest problem… Check out the current radar loop from the National Weather Service, and here is a hurricane tracker. More in yesterday’s weblog entry.

I’ve just updated the WXnation Fort Worth Webcam archive for August. One of the best pics in this month’s archive is this storm cloud on the right that looks like a devil-face looking up:

WXnation.com Webcam

A few minutes before, it more closely resembles Jay Leno:

WXnation.com Webcam


August 30, 2003

Fabian Churns In Atlantic; Depression Headed For Texas; Tropical Trips; South-Central Soaking; Hubble Vs. Telescope For Mars; Wet We ekend!

Get the very latest on Hurricane Fabian from Google News and a new tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico that’s headed for Texas from Google News, and both at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center. Many more hurricane links, including a tracker at WXnation.com’s National page.

Tropical trip plans still on

South-Central states in for a soakings, according to the weekend forecast story

Check out this Hubble vs. telescope from Texas astrophotographer image as seen on SpaceWeather.com

Never seen “weekend” spelled as two words, until now (Warning: this may be corrected by the time you view it, but at the time of publishing this weblog entry, the headline read: “We ekend of wet weather forecast”)


August 29, 2003

Hurt By MTV VMAs; Best Friday Weather Goes To….

As much as I love weather, I love music. MTV gave Johnny Cash’s moving and heartfelt remake of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt” six nominations, but I am saddened that it only won best choreography in last night’s Video Music Awards. More on the VMA results from MSNBC. If you liked what you heard, you can download the Man in Black’s version of “Hurt” *legally* at BuyMusic.com for only 99 cents… I did, and will be listening to it, along with Daniel Bedingfield, John Mayor, Beck, and others that didn’t fare so well in this year’s VMAs.

The best Friday weather goes to the West and North-Central parts of the U.S. Here’s Friday and the weekend’s forecast story. Have a great Friday!


August 28, 2003

Blackout Fake; KC Storms; Hubble Pics Of Mars; ‘Star Wars Kid’ Sues

SpaceWeather.com reveals a blackout fake circulating, and includes a link to the real images

The KC area is seeing some storm action

Hubble Takes Stunning Close-Ups Of Mars

And in other news: ‘Star Wars Kid’ Sues Over Internet Video


August 27, 2003

Weather.com’s Look Back; Seattle Heat; CA Flood Kills 3; Heat Ending In Plains

Weather.com provides a look back

70 degrees and no relief in sight in Seattle!

Flood in Mojave Desert kills three

Heat nears end in Plains More in the forecast story


August 26, 2003

Mars Approaches!; Strong Storms In D.C., DFW; Hot & Sticky Central U.S.

Mars comes in close! It will be nearest Earth tonight. More in the “Space & Sky” section of the National page

Storms with high winds batter parts of Washington, D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth

‘Twill be hot and sticky in OK, MO, KS and AR. More in today’s forecast


August 25, 2003

Hurricane Ignacio; Record ‘Heat’wave in Seattle; Weather.com Gold

Get the latest on Hurricane Ignacio, battering the coast of Baja California.

49 days above 70-degrees in Seattle ties record

Weather Channel launches weather.com Gold


August 24, 2003

Holiday of WX Complaints; Weekend In Cowtown

Did you celebrate today the 106th anniversary of “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” (source: Chase’s Calendar of Events)? Neither did I…

On second thought, I did complain tonight when a storm appeared headed for my area, but suddenly fizzed out around Dallas-Fort Worth Int’l Airport, about 15 miles before it would have hit. Getting used to it this time of year.

For my wife’s birthday, we spent last night, overnight and this morning in downtown Fort Worth‘s Sundance Square. Didn’t see “The Sound of Music” at Bass Hall, but did stop by 8.0s, Flying Saucer, Marble Slab, a pizza place, Barnes & Noble and to the south — the Water Gardens. We stayed at the Clarion (will be staying at the Worthington next time), and this morning, we went to Fire Station No. 1, a nice little museum showcasing 150 years of Fort Worth’s history…

Now it’s back to the real world in far north Fort Worth and east Fort Worth…


August 23, 2003

Stay In Touch With Webcams; Me Hard At Work :^) Fixing Webcam; Happy Birthday!

High Tech Texan says: Use a web cam to stay in touch! My webcams are used exclusively for outdoor weather or temperature snapshots, unless one’s being fixed or remounted (as shown here):

Me attempting to remount cam, 8/16/03

Here’s a forecast story for the weekend. Hope it’s a great one for you!

Saving the best for last here: It’s my wonderful wife’s birthday today — Happy Birthday, love you!


August 22, 2003

MI Tornado; 109 In KS; TWC’s Fun Side Of WX; NWS Awards $48 M Contract (How many abbreviations can I use here?)

NOTE: More on the latest tropical depression in yesterday’s entry below…

Tornado Damages Homes, Farms In Two Michigan Counties

Kansas sees temp reach 109

“The Weather Channel Road Crew” debuts on August 28 offering up the “fun side of weather.” More details from CNN.com

National Weather Service awards $48 million contract


August 21, 2003

New Depression Headed For Miami?; Amazing N. Lights; Heat Wave Toll To 10,000?; Partnership Expands Personal WX Stations

Tropical Depression forms in the Caribbean. Get the latest stories via Google News

On Aug. 18th, Northern Lights appeared as far south as California and Arizona in the United States. Check out this image and others in the gallery

Heat wave death toll up to 10,000 in Europe?

WeatherforYou.com Partners With AnythingWeather to Expand Personal Weather Station Program

Here’s Friday’s forecast story


August 20, 2003

Flooding In Las Vegas: 100 Year Storm

Streets in Las Vegas became raging rivers Tuesday as residents and firefighters had to be rescued after 3 inches of rain fell in 90 minutes, and in another area: 2.3 inches in 20 minutes. The city’s mayor said such a storm should naturally occur only once every 100 years. More, including video and photos, from KLAS-TV, KVBC-TV and the Las Vegas Sun

Some cams: EarthCam Paris Hotel cam | Fun Vegas Tours stream (link in right-center column) | KNTV-TV streaming feed cam | KVBC-TV streaming cams | Smart Connect streaming demos

More cams and radar/weather links are in WXnation’s Las Vegas page


August 19, 2003

August Auroras; Hot & Stormy; Weather Channel In Tray; Tornado Encounter In The Air; Heat Wave Kills 5,000?; Bright Moon & Mars; City Lights From Space

More amazing aurora pictures (here) and (here) fill the SpaceWeather.com August aurora gallery

Heat and storms in Plains, forecast story here

The Weather Channel launches a product that offers access to current weather, for any location, in the user’s system tray for an annual subscription fee of $29.99 (there is a 7-day free trial). Story

Some news stories: Pilot-tower transmissions tapes tell story of tornado encounter

European heat wave may have killed 5,000

BLACKOUT OF 2003: Monday’s astronomy picture of the day shows the moon and Mars shining bright amid a blackout

More on the Earth’s city lights from NASA and the blackout images in yesterday’s entry below…


August 18, 2003

Blackout Image From Space; Hot Plains

See before & after images from space of the blackout in the Northeast at the NASA Earth Observatory

Hi-Res Before Pic | Hi-Res After Pic

These links also in the WXnation National page

And the latest in the investigation via MSNBC

It’s going to be hot today in the Plains. Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City are expected to reach 102. The WXnation Temp cam may get into the triple-digits late this afternoon…


August 17, 2003

Fund For Lightning Strike Victims; Erika Loses Punch

A fund has been started for Claude and Myran Dill, who lost their home to a lightning strike in far north Fort Worth, about two blocks away from my house. Details from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and more sketchy details in this weblog’s Aug. 12 entry. Donations to the Claude and Myran Dill Donation Fund can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank in the Metroplex.

Erika’s punch loses sting


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