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January 31, 2004

Lake Effect Snow Up To 6 Feet; How Cold Was It? Bitter Cold Shuts Down Ice Palace

A foot of snow sounds like a lot to many. How about more than 6 in upstate New York? Upstate Towns Buried Under 6 Feet of Snow. There are some webcams in the area … check out the Syracuse page for a list.

It was soooo cold that the Winter Carnival Ice Palace in St. Paul, MN closed up for a few hours to protect sightseers and volunteer workers from the bitter chill. More details here. At 10 a.m. Friday, it was minus 22 degrees. Monitor the hour-by-hour temperatures here


January 30, 2004

Flooding In Washington State, Oregon; Bad Weather Boosts UK Cam Visitors; Frozen Fargo; Temperature Swings In SD

Heavy rain raises flooding fears in Washington State, and in Portland, OR, Coastal, Valley Rivers Push Toward Flood Stage. Check out webcams and radars in the Seattle and Portland, OR pages.

From the UK: Bad weather boosts webcam visitor figures

Fargo is frozen. It was minus 34 degrees at 8 a.m. and, by late Friday, was at minus 26, with a wind chill factor of minus 41. Track the hourly observations here.

In South Dakota: Wide temperature shifts likely to continue. Check out the incredibly cold temperatures in Sioux Falls hour-by-hour in the Sioux Falls page. As of this afternoon, the temperature has rebounded from minus 12 to minus 7 degrees.


January 29, 2004

Super Bowl Cams; Sub-Zero Indiana; From 5 To 33 In 3 Hrs.; Aurora & Fogbow Pic; Spirit On Mend, Hubble Decision Questioned; Detailed Mars Pic

The Super Bowl nears: Don’t forget to check out the Super Bowl cams link, which is also posted at the WXnation National/International page and Houston page.

Temperatures in Indiana will range from zero to five below on Friday and Saturday mornings, the National Weather Service said. And the wind chill factor: minus 20 degrees… Details here

From 5 to 33 degrees in 3 hours: Weather around Billings moves all over charts

Yet another great aurora pic saved at SpaceWeather.com’s gallery, and how about this: a Fogbow. More details at SpaceWeather.com

Space news from Space.com: Spirit on the Mend: But Despite Delicate Surgery, Far From Fixed | NASA Chief: Hubble Decision Under Review

Europe’s Mars Express satellite has started returning detailed color images of the red planet. It’s the astronomy picture of the day


January 28, 2004

Winter Storm Death Toll In 50s; Minus 60 Wind Chill Factors In ND; Storm Shuts Down NYC Schools; Opportunity Pic; WX To Blame For Phone Outage, FL Accidents; Weather.com’s Response Time; Aurora Outlook; Top Dog Revealed On Cam?

At least 52 deaths have been blamed on snow, ice and cold | ABC News reports 56 deaths

Temperatures plunged to more than 30 below zero over North Dakota early Wednesday — with wind chill factors of more than 60 below in the eastern part of the state. Details here

Some other stories on the winter storms:

  • From WNBC-TV: Snow Storm Shuts Down Tri-State Area, NYC Public Schools Closed Wed.
  • NC: Winter weather closes schools for third day
  • Duluth, MN: More than 27 inches of snow fall
  • Connecticut: Snow Continues To Fall, Up To 10 Inches Around State
  • Upstate NY: Wintry weather blankets New York
  • DC: Washington-Area Roads Remain Dangerous
  • Philly: Next Storm Due Early Next Week
  • Taking a brief break from weather, check out this nice picture of Mars from the Opportunity rover

    Weather knocks out cell phones in Hawaii

    Stormy Weather Causes Dozens Of Crashes In Central Florida

    Weather.com Response Time Falls With Flakes

    Be on the lookout for auroras on Jan. 31

    And finally, strange news: Top dog in the British army allegedly exposes army secrets and himself on webcam


    January 27, 2004

    Winter Storm News Updates; WXnation.com Gets 1,000,000th Visit!

    Some new winter storm news stories:

  • Winter Storm System Continues; At Least 44 Dead
  • NYC: 6-10 Inches Of Snow Possible In Metro Area
  • Winter Storm Warning Continues In Metro Detroit
  • Pennsylvania hit by one winter storm, preparing for another
  • Another winter storm coming; Pittsburgh low on salt, plows
  • Ohio: Showers, Thunderstorms To Change To Snow
  • Up to 21 inches of snow forecast for parts of Michigan
  • Detroit: Winter Storm Puts Freeze On Morning Commute
  • Indiana: More snow (and tension) in forecast
  • Minnesota: Snow falls statewide
  • Severe winter weather continues across Canada
  • Winter safety tips

    Check out the current U.S. radar from Intellicast and zoom into your region here. As usual, *many* additional radar, webcam and school closing links are in the WXnation.com city pages. Much more on the winter storms in the entries below…

    One Million Visits! I want to thank every visitor to this Web site! Early Tuesday morning, fueled by snowstorms across the U.S., WXnation.com received its 1,000,000th visit since it went online Mar. 1, 2002 (you can read info on the early days here). The site has grown dramatically, from 1,500 visits in its first month to 50,000 visits in Mar. 2003, and double that amount this month. The incredible growth continues, and I want to thank each of you for using WXnation. You are the reason for the success of this site! I have set up an archived version of the site from its first week. Click here for WXnation.com from March 4, 2002 (opens in a new window).

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    January 26, 2004

    Winter Storm Toll: 25 Deaths, 20 Inches Of Snow in ND

    At Least 25 dead as winter storm continues

    The stories keep on comin’, here are some of the latest winter storm stories as of this evening…

  • Philly: Winter Storm Watch Issued For Tuesday Afternoon
  • Detroit: Winter storm may put freeze on morning commute
  • Delaware Valley Hit By Snowy Winter Storm
  • Long Island braces for the next big storm
  • ND cleans up after first big storm of the year
  • NC: National Guard Places 1000 Soldiers, Airmen On Storm Alert
  • Maryland: Winter Storm Closes Schools; Ice Roads Create Accidents
  • Virginia socked by winter storm
  • Storm Dumps 20 Inches of Snow on Parts of Minnesota
  • Iowa: Major storm dumps foot of snow; four killed in wreck
  • U.S. storm poised to hammer Ontario
  • Some winter weather updates as of this afternoon:

  • Patchy Ice Expected Tonight, Tomorrow Morning in D.C.
  • Southern Ohio Harder Hit by Snow, Ice
  • Snow, sleet, freezing rain fall across Upstate SC
  • Snow causes school closures, travel delays in Pittsburgh
  • News story updates on snow and ice storms from this morning: Winter Storm Dumps Snow On Central Ohio | Hoosiers Dig Out From Winter Storm

    More on the snow in yesterday’s entry below…


    January 25, 2004

    Snow Covers America; Opportunity Arrives On Mars

    Snow Blankets U.S.: Looking at the Intellicast national radar, one might say that snow is falling over nearly half of the U.S. population. Click on the following links for news stories: Washington, D.C. may see 8 inches of the white stuff; Indianapolis: 4 inches; North Carolina: A threat of freezing rain, same for Detroit; Philly: up to 4 inches of snow, and on and on… Weather.com snowfall forecast… Also, check on your area by clicking on a radar region here (here’s the northeast region), or check other radars, webcams, and school closings in your nearest city from the WXnation.com U.S. map

    NASA’s Opportunity rover has safely landed on Mars. Details, including a link to live video from NASA-TV here. Also, more from SpaceDaily.com, plus Space.com and more on Opportunity and Spirit from Google News


    January 24, 2004

    Half-Foot Of Snow Possible In OH; Icy Weather For Parts Of U.S.; Stormy Texas

    3-6 Inches Of Snow Possible In Ohio

    Icy weather in Missouri and all the way across to North Carolina

    Rough weather threatens parts of Texas


    January 23, 2004

    Spirit Rover Wakes Up; Water On Mars?; Cold In Motor City, Florida, Really Cold In Wisconsin; Wildfire Fears

    Spirit Not Working Right, But Problems Not Clear. The original headline was: “Spirit Sends Data For 10 Minutes,” which is one minute longer than the length of a snooze on an alarm clock. Who came up with 9 minutes for snoozing? Thanks to that person, I know my multiples of 9 very well!

    And… European Orbiter Finds Evidence Of Water On Mars, Scientists Say

    Cold, Flurries in Detroit. At Metro Airport, the high only reached 12 degrees, with a wind chill around zero.

    It’s getting cold in the Tampa, Florida area, where the wind chill is expected to dip into the 20’s

    How’s this for cold? The mercury dipped to 25 below in northern Wisconsin (wind chill in one location: 43 below)

    Federal wildfire managers say the Southwest is so dry this winter that fire season could start sooner and be as bad or worse than in 2002, when millions of acres burned. Details


    January 22, 2004

    NASA’s Spirit Rover Silent; Solar Activity Pic On SpaceWeather; Deep Freeze Hits Michigan, Others

    Trouble on the Red Planet: Mars Rover Stops Sending Data

    SpaceWeather.com has some interesting images right now, including this one of solar activity on Jan. 21

    It’s cold in Ironwood, MI, where wind chills fell to -40 degrees F. Some schools were closed due to chilly wind in mid-Michigan. Other areas are in a deep freeze


    January 21, 2004

    On Cyber Paperboy’s Blog; Words From A Stranded Man; Too Many Dogs, Not Enough Blood In NY; Karaoke Without Clothes?

    With the launch of this site’s redesign, I’ve made it into David Akerley’s (aka. Cyber Paperboy’s) all-new and regularly updated weblog. David was recently featured on NBC Nightly News as one of the original “bloggers.”

    Weather news — Stranded Man: I’m going to pay more attention to the weather reports”

    Want a dog and in the NY area? Weather Causes Crisis At Dog Shelter Extra blood to spare? Blood Reserves Low as Weather Hurts Collection

    Shifting gears… Some have known about Nola.com’s 24/7 karaoke streaming audio/video cam from Cats Meow (listed in the New Orleans page), but one bar owner in Connecticut is fighting for a karaoke bar where the singers only wear a smile.


    January 20, 2004

    WXnation.com Has New Look!; Weather May Play Role In Nation’s First Primary; Mysterious Object Caught On Video In KC

    WXnation’s first major Web site redesign since its birth on Feb. 26, 2002 was uploaded 9 minutes before midnight. The location of content remains unchanged, but the colors are drastically different — as if someone switched on the lights… The black background has been nixed, and an off-white background added. I hope you will find the new look easier on the eyes and less busy. I’d love to hear feedback from you on the new look versus the old in a comment entry below, or via e-mail.

    If you miss the old black background, you can reminise at this archived version of the site from Mar. 2002. Won’t find much there, though. The site was only one week old…

    In other news: Weather Could Be Large Factor For U.S. Presidential Candidates in Nation’s First Primary

    Mysterious Object Caught On Video Over KC Sky


    January 19, 2004

    NASA May Predict Hurricane Intensity; Snow Pillar & Cold Rover

    NASA Research May Help Predict Hurricane Intensity

    A snow pillar appears in the cold…

    Speaking of cold, a distant freeze: Martian Weather Challenges Rover Team


    January 18, 2004

    Light Pillar Pic From Québec; Watching Big Brother; Watching Barry Diamond; Deep Freeze Before TWC; From Weather Channel To KFOX

    From SpaceWeather.com: In Québec, Jean Chiasson photographed this picture of colorful pillars of light jutting into the sky on Jan. 11

    Cams In NYC: Watching Big Brother

    On a personal note, my wife and my co-worker Frank and his girlfriend Erin went to see comedian/actor/singer Barry Diamond at Hyena’s in Fort Worth last night. ‘Twas a funny show and a good time!

    A cold snap way before the days of The Weather Channel

    Weather Channel’s Sandra Diaz Joins KFOX Storm Team


    January 17, 2004

    Webcam Watchers Help Injured Woman; NASA Abandoning Hubble; Shiny New Webcam 2!; Rain Pours Out On Texas; Pillars On Cold Night Pic; Cold & Cows

    Webcam Watchers Help Injured Iowa Woman

    NASA abandoning prized Hubble Space Telescope

    The WXnation.com live temperature cam is taking a hiatus, and is being replaced with the all-new WXnation Webcam 2, which looks north to the airspace over Fort Worth Alliance Airport (webcam 1 looks NE toward Keller, Southlake and DFW International Airport’s airspace)

    Deep in the ponds of Texas: Texas Weather: Rainy, cooler. Much of north Texas needs the rain, but some areas may get too much too fast… Here’s a radar loop of Central and North Texas from the National Weather Service. Check out radars and cams in your nearest Texas city on the map.

    From SpaceWeather.com: In Niagara Falls, New York, as it was -10 degrees F at 2 a.m., Brian Larmay took this picture of colorful pillars rising up from the ground

    It’s cold outside, but just how cold does it feel to the cow herd? asks Farm & Dairy Online


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