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February 29, 2004

Weather Terms Unabbreviated; Severe Weather May Hit Chicago; Humility, Faith Good Business?; Meaningful ‘Leap Day’

Want to know what the abbreviations used by the National Weather Service stand for? The answers are in this article: Weather Eye: Weathering terms used by the weather service and the full list is here.

Chicago: Slight Risk For Severe Weather Monday

NBC News’ Stone Phillips asks: Can humility, faith be good for business?

Finally, this “leap day” was another moving day for me. Perhaps because of Mel Gibson’s movie, at least 35% more people were at the Mass I went to at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Bad for traffic after Mass, but good for the spirit. And this evening, my sister Joanne called and we talked at length about the incredible power surrounding of “The Passion of The Christ,” which appears to be clocking in at nearly $118 million — the second-biggest 5-day movie opening and second-biggest R-rated movie opening ever. I also had a heart-to-heart conversation with my parents. But enough about me, in this entry anyway… More on my experience with the movie below:


February 28, 2004

Witnessing Passion; XM Radio Appeal; Weather.com Gets 27m Visitors; Storms Head For Dallas-Fort Worth; Biggest Snowstorm In 100 Years Hits SC; New Navigation Button In WXnation.com City Pages

At 12:15 this afternoon, the lights in a Grapevine, Texas, theater went down, and I witnessed with my wife the most moving movie I have ever seen. The theater was packed for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of The Christ” , yet there wasn’t a sound near the end of the movie just before the final scene. Then, applause when the credits began to roll — yet no one was talking as we all filed out. This movie — more about God’s love than violence, I feel — was difficult to watch. But we walked away with a deeper love for what Christ did for us. In my opinion, it was an amazingly produced and directed movie about the most important part of my life. As I entered the lobby of the theater, I realized the song “Clocks” by Coldplay was playing over the sound system when I heard their words, “No, nothing else compares…” repeated. And I thought, how true this is. There have been many amazing events in our lifetime alone, but I feel that nothing else compares to Christ’s passion nearly 2000 years ago. More on the life, passion, and resurrection of Jesus can be found at New Advent, and more on the Gibson’s movie can be found at Google News.

XM satellite radio to air traffic and weather in Washington D.C. Details

The hits keep comin’ for The Weather Channel’s Web site: weather.com Has Record-Setting January with 27 million visitors

Many in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may be turning to TWC and weather.com on Sunday as severe storms and heavy rain are possible. My daytime job is at KXAS-TV, which boasts the country’s only 1,000,000 watt radar combined with a high-resolution display, and that radar is now streaming here for those on Broadband connections and with Windows Media Player. My (other) favorite radar for north Texas is the National Weather Service short-range loop. Plenty of other radar and webcam images are in the Dallas-Fort Worth page.

Biggest snowstorm in 100 years to hit the Rock Hill, SC area earlier this week. Details here.

And finally, I’ve just finished adding this small navigation button to all of the WXnation.com city pages:

Navigator Image

The navigation image, located next to the city name at the top of the page, allows you to quickly visit the nearest city to the north, south, west or east. I hope you find it to be a useful addition…


February 27, 2004

Storm Of The Century In Charlotte?; Snow In GA, Storm In Texas Cause Classroom Closures; Calif. Storm ‘8 Or 9 Out Of 10’; WXnation.com Moves Into 3rd Year

From WCNC-TV in Charlotte, NC: SKYMAX Weather Alert: STORM OF THE CENTURY

Here are some articles about weather and the classroom this morning: Texas School District Cleans Up After Wicked Weather Damages School | Computers help battle weather | NE Georgia: Area dons 2-inch blanket | N Georgia: Despite school closings, winter weather brings few hassles for east metro area

California storm: “On a scale from one to 10, with 10 being the biggest storm of the season, this is an eight or nine.” Details here.

WXnation.com entered its third year online yesterday. The story behind this site’s birth on Feb. 26, 2002, can be found here. Snapshots are also available of the early site from Feb. 27, 2002 and a complete archived site from Mar. 4, 2002.


February 26, 2004

Snowstorm In Carolinas, Georgia; Getting Paid For Accurate Forecasts; Storm Hits California; Weather.com No. 1 News/Info Site

Winter storm in GA, SC and NC: Winter in RaleighStory here | Snow makes metro Atlanta roads treacherous, closes schools | Winter weather across most of northern half of South Carolina and Georgia, North Carolina also being hit with winter weather

Check out this great radar image of the area showing snow/wintry mix from Wundrground. Get hundreds of weather radar and webcam links from the Carolinas and Georgia in the WXnation.com city map or in the menu to the right.

Cash For ‘Casts: Raleigh company paid for accurate weather forecasts.

Rain, Wind, Snow Batter South: Power Outages Hit Northern California. See a flooding slideshow here

As I have found working at a local TV station’s Web site, weather continues to make a giant dent in Internet traffic: weather.com(R) Reigns as the Most Popular News and Information Site on the Web


February 25, 2004

NM Snowstorm; S. TX Weather Threat; Bad Weather For Mardi Gras; Niagara Falls Rescue; The Passion & Lent Begin

Snowstorm closes schools, major highways in New Mexico

S. Texas weather could turn ugly

Foul Weather Thins Crowds For Climax Of Mardi Gras

Woman Saved Near Brink Of Niagara Falls. Note from visitor Stephen Swanson: This station has good video in broadband. Click on the daybreak newscast
and slide it over to 4 minutes. Second story from WGRZ-TV

Ash Wednesday is here, as is the 40 days of Lent, and of course, the release of the movie The Passion of The Christ. (More on the movie is here.) Matt Drudge said in his Sunday night radio show that many will be going to Midnight Mass when the movie opens early Wednesday, and I am sure many are now being moved by Mel Gibson’s film. I have yet to see it, and plan to in the coming week. Greater than a No. 1 Box Office finish, my biggest hope is that, beyond the hype and controversy, it gives movie-goers something that I feel the Bible and prayer do very well: fill people with a loving, humble and thankful heart toward how much Jesus Christ suffered for each of us before the resurrection.


February 24, 2004

Earthquake Hits Morocco; Calif. Rainstorm Causes Problems; Star Ripped Up by Black Hole

Morocco Hit by Powerful Earthquake

Calif. Rainstorm Delays Flights, Triggers Car Crashes, Mudslides

Astronomy Picture of the Day: X-Rays Indicate Star Ripped Up by Black Hole. Direct link to big picture here


February 23, 2004

Rain, Storms In Store; Many Changes To WXnation.com Over 5 Weeks

The southwest may see plenty of rain today, along with parts of Texas. A couple of days of rain and thunderstorms begins this morning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My favorite radar for DFW is the National Weather Service’s short range loop.

Check the National page for U.S. radars, and your closest city at WXnation.com’s homepage.

You may have noticed many changes to the WXnation.com site over the past five weeks. The wave of improvements (I hope) began on Jan. 20, when the background went from black to an off-white. A friend of mine, Michael Tucker, said he thought he’d ended up on the wrong Web site when he visited last week…

Then on Feb. 14, the site completed its move to a new Web host that I am very impressed with, HostMySite.com. Hopefully the transition was smooth for all users.

On Feb. 18, this weblog got an upgrade and new look.

Finally, on Feb. 19, a smaller URL became active, allowing a simpler way to access the site: wxna.com, which takes you to wxnation.com. (Additionally, wxna.com/weatherblogs/wire takes you to this log, and wxna.com/boston to Boston, etc.) It’s not a huge difference, but it makes it easier if typing the URL into a phone or PDA. (The page for those is wxna.com/weatherblogs/wireless — or, if your phone needs the actual URL like my Sprint PCS phone — use wxnation.com/wireless).

It is my hope that these changes have improved the site for you as WXnation.com heads into its third year on the Internet on Thursday.


February 22, 2004

Listen Live To Radio Storm On Jupiter Tonight; New Weather Station Delay In NJ; NOAA’s Spring Outlook

Listen to live audio streams of a radio storm on Jupiter between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. ET Monday morning. The links are on SpaceWeather.com. The sounds come directly from a 20 MHz radio antenna at the University of Florida Radio Observatory.

New weather station project for New Jersey delayed by lack of funds.

NOAA Releases Spring Outlook. Details here.


February 21, 2004

As The Galaxy Turns; 2 Die In TX Dust Storms; Autumn, Spring Best For Aurora Viewing

Astronomy Picture of the Day: As the galaxy turns

Some bad weather news: 2 die in dust storms in West Texas

SpaceWeather.com explains why autumn and spring are better for viewing auroras


February 20, 2004

Power Out In Twin Cities; Weather Bomb In Canada; Forecasting Comeback In Afghanistan; Weather Stations and Historic Data

Some weather stories for today (to make up for a lack of weather links yesterday): Weather leaves thousands without power in Twin Cities

To the north: Record amounts of snow in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island … Maritimers clean up after ‘weather bomb’

Weather forecasting, banned by Taliban, makes a comeback in Afghanistan

This is not an endorsement, just a story on a weather station from Agriculture.com: Weather station makes collecting historic data a breeze


February 19, 2004

WXnation Weblog Turns 1; William Hung: AI Phenomenon

One year ago today, the WXnation Weblog went online. Since then, it has certainly been more successful than the WXnation message boards, which were removed just before the weblog was added. I hope you enjoy the now-338-and-counting posts in these blog pages (about 20 posts were lost in December due to a server crash with my old host). View the first entry from Feb. 19, 2003 here. (The first month of posts, along with all others are in the right column under the ad).

It might make sense to commemorate the one-year anniversary with some incredible weather story link, but I only have this to offer: Check out some great remixes of the latest American Idol “star,” William Hung (I recommend scrolling down the page to “Today’s Features” and looking for “2.16.04 .MP3: ‘She Bangs’ Fiesta Mix” and the “2.12.04 .MP3: ‘She Bangs Samba Megamix’ by deepexclusive.”

Today’s entry definitely falls under the “More” category of this weblog!


February 18, 2004

Weblog Has New Look!; Guardian Angel Saves Life; Ice Houses; NWS Clears Up Tornado Myths; NC Seeing More Storms; Stowstorm Skirts NE; Mountain In UK First Covered By 24-Hour Cam; Teen Finds He Was Abducted; O’Brien Apologizes To Canadians

After an extremely busy weekend of switching Web hosts (I am now with HostMySite.com, which offers excellent customer service I have found), I decided to grab a new install of the former b2 weblog (now WordPress). I’m glad I did as it has a much better look and many more features, IMHO. I hope you find the new version an improvement as well. If you’d like, feel free to leave a comment…

Back to weather entries of the day… and a good weather story forwarded to me by regular visitor Stephen Swanson: Guardian Angel Credited With Saving Woman’s Life. Another forwarded by Stephen: Ice houses: more quirks than perks (click on the “gallery” link at the top right to see the photos). Thanks!

National Weather Service wants to clear up some misconceptions about tornadoes. Details here.

North Carolina is seeing more storms this year. More from NBC 17.

Snowstorm skirts Northeast

Webcam entry of the day: Cumbria’s Scafell Pike is the first mountain in England to get a 24-hour webcam. The cam pointed at the highest mountain in the UK (3,208ft) went live last week when the webcam was switched on. Story here and cam page here

And non-weather entries: Teen Surfing Web Finds He Was Abducted
Conan O’Brien ‘Apologizes’ For Triumph’s Insult Of Canadians


February 17, 2004

Sizzling Picture; More Snow For Carolinas; Storm Slams Sierra; Sites Offer Cool Cam Images

Longing for summer, when you can bask in the heat? This picture is for you. Details on the pic from SpaceWeather.com

Now, for something different: More Snow Possible In Central NC Tuesday … South Carolina may see some too. Check out webcams and radars in your nearest city

On the other side of the country, Winter Storm Slams The Sierra

And finally, a webcam story: Weather Eye: Web sites offer awesome weather images


February 16, 2004

The News Is: Snow!

Snow, snow, snow…

Snow disrupts traffic in Jerusalem, North

VA hit by snow

Snow heavy in Tennessee

Here’s what the snow looked like on the WXnation Webcams in far north Fort Worth, where at least 5 inches of the white stuff fell Saturday morning (the biggest snowfall in the area since 1985):

WXnation Webcam

WXnation Webcam


February 15, 2004

Aurora Gallery Aglow; Moon Halo Pic; E. Texas Snow; Conan Condemned

Some more amazing aurora pictures grace the latest Aurora Gallrey from SpaceWeather.com

Also, check out this moon halo pic

Wintry weather delights some East Texans

And finally, off-topic: Canada Condemns ‘Racist’ Conan O’Brien TV Show


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