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June 30, 2004

Flooding Continues In N. Texas; Flooding In Idaho; Meteor Shower Pings; Cam Went Live In Fort Worth One Year Ago

Rainy Weather Knocks Out Emergency Radio In N. Texas | More Rain May Break Record As Flooded Six Flags Reopens | More stories | 2 . Get the latest cams and radar images in the Dallas/Fort Worth page

Flash flooding hits southwestern Idaho

Listen to meteor shower at SpaceWeather.com

And, one year ago today, the WXnation Live Webcam moved to north Fort Worth. Info from last year’s weblog entry


June 29, 2004

N. Texas Flooding Leaves Parts Of Six Flags Under Water; Weather Eases Fire Threat In Sierra Nevada

From Arlington, Texas: Flash Flood Strikes Six Flags Over Texas | Picture slideshows here | Other coverage. Get radar and webcam images in the Dallas/Fort Worth page

Soggy Weather Continues To Slosh Across North Texas

Weather Eases Fire Threat In Sierra Nevada


June 28, 2004

Earthquakes In Alaska, Illinois; Texas Flooding Continues; Wyoming Flooding; NBC To Launch Digital Weather Channel

Alaska earthquake and Illinois earthquake. Earthquake resources are available in the National/International page (in the right column)

Flooding hits Fort Worth-area again. See flooding slideshow from this morning here (opens in new window)

Flooding forces evacuations in Central Texas

From Wyoming: Heavy rains cause flooding along creeks and streams

NBC to Launch Digital Weather Channel


June 27, 2004

Colorado Flooding; Houston Weather Better Than Expected; Florida Storms; Power Outages In Mississippi Storms; Latest Typhoon News

From Colorado: Heavy rains cause flooding along creeks, streams

From Houston: Weather not as bad as predicted

Strong Storms Swarm Southwest Florida

Mississippi Storms Cause Widespread Power Outages

Get the latest typhoon news from Google News


June 26, 2004

Wet Texas; Washed Out Wimbledon; Logitech, MSN Surpass One Billion Webcam Sessions; Good, Bad News For Fort Worth

Wet weather continues for South Texas

Rain continues to wash out play at Wimbledon

Logitech and MSN Surpass One Billion Webcam Sessions on MSN Messenger

Good news followed bad in Fort Worth. The good: Cowtown is the 20th biggest city in the U.S.

The bad news that preceeded the new Census findings: Tragedy hit downtown Fort Worth when four visiting from Chicago drowned in the city’s Water Gardens. Lives of drowning victims celebrated .


June 25, 2004

Houston-Area Flooding; 7th Straight 80-Degree Day In Alaska; Amarillo Severe Weather; Weather Collapses San Antonio School’s Roof; Farmers Fight River

Houston-area flooding coverage here. Get the latest radar image from the National Weather Service, and the latest watches and warnings. More radars and webcams are in the Houston page

7th straight 80-degree day sets record | More coverage

Severe weather hits Amarillo

Weather causes San Antonio school’s roof to collapse

South Dakota: Farmers Fight The James River


June 24, 2004

More Rain For Georgia; Houston-, San Antonio-Area Storms; Wary Of Weather In Iowa; Tornadoes Whip Through Wisconsin; New Weather Site In Cleveland; Thunderstorm Warning Allegations In Canada

More wet weather likely in Georgia

From Houston-Area: Danevang Residents Clean Up Twister Damage

Storms Roar Through SA Area

Iowa: Residents more wary of weather

Slideshow and story: Tornadoes Whip Through Parts Of Wisconsin

Cleveland’s Channel 5 to put weather on Web; Channels 19/43 get new staffers

Lack of staff at the Calgary Weather Office meant a severe thunderstorm was raging before Calgarians could be warned, say Public Service Alliance of Canada. Details


June 23, 2004

Cold N.D.; IA Flooding Repeat Unlikely; Wisconsin Tornadoes; Weather Channel Sees Volume Increase; Noctilucent Clouds Gallery; Great Venus Transit Pic

Cold North Dakota

From Iowa: Repeat Of ’93 Flooding Unlikely

Severe storms reportedly spawning tornadoes blasted much of Wisconsin Wednesday evening.

Fresh off a soon-to-be-implemented innovation in addressable advertising, The Weather Channel saw a double-digit increase in its upfront volume for the coming year. Details

Check out the noctilucent clouds gallery at SpaceWeather.com Some researchers believe they’re a sign of global warming. Others say they’re caused by space dust and rocket exhaust.

Great Venus transit picture courtesy Astronomy Pic of the Day


June 22, 2004

Paul McCartney Stops The Rain; Chilly Start To Summer In Colorado; Power Out At Houston Airport; Heart Of The Storm In Oklahoma

Look what being an ex-Beatle gets you: Russians change weather for McCartney concert | Additional stories

From Colorado: Weird June weather a chilling experience as summer begins

From Houston: Weather Knocks Out Power At Hobby Airport

Perhaps this is a sign that love is indeed in the air on this, the 2nd anniversary of my wedding to my wonderful wife: I decided to check in on an Oklahoma radar, since threre are flood and thunderstorm watches posted, and saw a heart-shaped break in the rain west of Oklahoma City. Here is an archived shot of that National Weather Service radar image from just after 12:30 a.m. CT. A current image is here, and additional radars and cams are in the OKC and Tulsa pages:

OKC Radar From NWS Taken 12:30 a.m. 6/22/04
12:28 a.m. June 22, 2004 radar image from National Weather Service


June 21, 2004

Weather Radio Terror Warnings; Oklahoma Flooding; Weather.com Now Top 10 Site; NASA Helps Lightning Safety Awareness Week; Plane Out Of Atmosphere; 5 Sunnier States Than Florida; Analemma Pic

Weather Alert Radios to Give Terror Warnings Too

Oklahoma Flooding: Heavy Rains, Storms Continue; Some Flooding Reported | Additional stories

Weather.com(R) Achieves Top Ten Web Site Ranking

NASA research helps highlight lightning safety awareness week

Plane Soars Out of Earth’s Atmosphere

Five States Get More Sun Than Florida

An analemma is that figure-8 curve that you get when you mark the position of the Sun at the same time each day throughout planet Earth’s year. Astronomy Pic of the Day and the direct image link for today


June 20, 2004

3 Dead In Typhooon; Phoenix Could Become Riverside Community; Fla. Partly Cloudy State?; E. Texas Storms; Pilot Ignored Weather Warning Before Crash; Kansas Storms Continue; PA Rain Affects Much; Warm Seattle

3 dead as Typhoon Dianmu hits Japan

Phoenix Could Become Riverside Community

Weather guru: Partly Cloudy State could be Florida’s nickname (registration required)

Severe Weather Hits East Texas

Federal investigators say a pilot with three decades of flying experience apparently ignored a severe weather warning 14 minutes before his plane crashed. Details

Kansas sees more wicked weather

In Pittsburgh, near-record rainfall around region affects moods, jobs, all outdoor events

And, in Seattle, where it reached 86 yesterday, it’s going to be another unusually-warm day. See hourly official readings from Sea-Tac Airport


June 19, 2004

Spring 3rd Warmest On Record In U.S.; More Alerts On WX Radios; Sea Could Dry Up; Astronaut Hears Daughter’s Birth; Farmers May Get Help Wirelessly; Ohio Weather & Business; Asteroid, Moon Pic; WXnation.com Logo Features Image From Texas Storm

Spring Was 3rd Warmest on Record in U.S.

Weather radios will carry more kinds of alerts

U.N. Warns Aral Sea Could Dry Up

From even farther away: Orbiting Astronaut Hears Daughter’s Birth

Wireless Technology Could Soon Help Farms

From Ohio: Weather washing away business across the state

This asteroid has a moon! Astronomy Pic of the Day and direct image link

The WXnation.com logo continues to slowly evolve. The latest features an image I snapped of a wall cloud lowering and a lightning strike in north Fort Worth this spring. The slightly-new version is now sitting atop the site’s pages. To ring in the new logo, here is a look back at the logos of days gone past (the lightning strike image in the logos below was taken from the WXnation Webcam, which captured a strike in south Arlington on June 12, 2003. The cam is now in far north Fort Worth):

Jan.-June 2004:

WXnation.com Logo

Aug. 2003-Jan. 2004:

WXnation.com Logo

Sept. 2002-Sept. 2003:

WXnation.com Logo

And the first one, Mar.-Sept. 2002:

WXnation.com Logo


June 18, 2004

Flooding In Syracuse, Pennsylvania; Loan Applications Being Accepted In N. Texas; Canadian Weather Channel Stays, For Now

Heavy Rain Brings Flooding to Syracuse

PA: Flooding forces evacuations

North Texas: State Ready To Take Flooding Victims’ Loan Applications

Canadian weather channel stays, for now


June 17, 2004

Anger Over Weather Hits Meteorologists; Scientists Sound Alarm On Canadian Weather Forecasts; NOAA Focuses On Weather Models Anniversary; WeatherBug(R) Unveils Upgrade

Hurling insults and Cheetos at the TV screen is one thing, but being so upset with the weather that you physically attack a meteorologist is another. Story

From Canada: Scientists sound alarm on Canadian weather forecasts

NOAA Symposium Focuses On 50th Anniversary Of Weather Models

WeatherBug(R) Unveils Dramatically Upgraded Product with Even More Precise Local Weather Information. Details


June 16, 2004

Indiana, South Dakota, Pennsylvania Flooding; Weather Radios Prove Popular After Storms; Ind. Storms Cause Power Outages, Flash Flooding; Penn. Storms Cut Power To 70,000; Satellite Subscribers May Lose Weather Channel

Flooding in Indiana leads to high water rescues | Residents Worried Over Flood Repeat | More stories

City officials said it was the worst flooding in Sioux Falls in 10 years: Downpour hits Sioux Falls area | More stories

Flooding in Pennsylvania

In Minnesota, Weather radios surge in popularity

Indiana: Stormy weather leaves area waterlogged | Storms Cause Power Outages, Flash Flooding | Storms rake Midwest; 2 deaths, outages cited

Pittsburgh: Monday’s storms left 70000 customers without electricity | KDKA: Storms Leave Thousands Without Power

Canadian satellite subscribers may lose The Weather Network. Details. Also in Canada: Alta tornado proves you don’t need hot weather


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