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June 15, 2004

Update On Storm In Gulf Of Mexico; Wet Houston Weather; Study: Migraine Not Good Weather Forecaster; Webcams To Fund Sierra Lookout

Update on storm in the Gulf of Mexico: One tropical system fades, one builds | Mississippi: Shoreline Park Residents Prepare For Tropical Weather | Additional stories

Wet weather weighs heavy on Houston | Heavy Rains Cancel Flights, Flood Streets

And, Study: Migraine Little Use as Weather Forecaster

Finally, in the world of webcams: Amador County, Calif. Uses Webcams To Fund Sierra Lookout: Council Hopes To Raise $40,000


June 14, 2004

Gulf Disturbance Churns; More Rain For Indiana; Kansas Tornadoes Slideshow; Michigan Tornadoes; Weather Bigger Tourism Concern Than Gas Prices; Foul Ball Foul-Up

Gulf disturbance brings prospect of heavy rain

Rain-Soaked Indiana May Get More Wet Weather

Kansas weekend tornadoes slideshow (Opens in new window)

Michigan: Weather — Tornado touchdowns reported in 2 counties

Concerns in the sky trump worries at the pump: Weather, not gas prices, called top factor in tourism

And off topic, baseball fans are talking about this story: Foul Ball Foul-Up: Man Nearly Knocks Down Boy, Keeps Ball


June 13, 2004

Michigan Tornado Watches, Warnings; Tornadoes In Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Kentucky; Reagan Funeral Or Nasty Weather Coverage?

Tornado watches and warnings cover Michigan this afternoon: North Central Michigan watches/warnings map, plus Eastern and Western Michigan maps. More weather info, radars and cams in the Michigan pages: Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Marquette pages.

Storms pummel KC area (Requires registration)

Kansas: Six tornadoes swipe area

Tornadoes touch down in several Iowa counties

Tornadoes Hit Southeastern Minnesota

Kentucky: Tornado sightings, big storms hit state

News 8 in Austin: To cover the Reagan funeral or nasty weather?


June 12, 2004

Suburban St. Louis Lake Vanishes In Days; Incredible Volcano, Aurora Pic; Ghostly Ping Reveals Daytime Meteors; NWS Center, Meet Bad Weather; Chicago Flood Warning; Rain From One ‘Apolis’ To Another

23-acre suburban St. Louis lake vanished in days, probably collapsing into a sinkhole: Lake Chesterfield down the drain | More coverage

Now, this is an incredible picture of the day | Direct link to Volcano and Aurora in Iceland

A Ghostly Ping: Daylight meteor showers are plentiful in June, and the best way to enjoy these showers is with your ears. Whenever a meteor flies over the Naval Space Surveillance Radar (NAVSPASUR) in Texas, the radar records a ghostly ping. Details at SpaceWeather.com

Bad weather comes knocking on NWS center’s door

Chicago was under a flood warning early this morning: WMAQ-TV story and home page | National Weather Service watches/warnings map

Storms moved through Minneapolis/St. Paul Friday (Story), while just north of another “apolis” (Indy) heavy rains caused flooding. Storms are possible in both cities on Saturday. As usual, cams and radars are in the Minneapolis and Indianapolis pages.


June 11, 2004

Ronald Reagan’s Farewell In D.C., California; Final Trinity River Flooding Aftermath Picture

Burial Service For Former President Ronald Reagan Concludes | Much more from Google News

For the third consecutive day, I will submit another picture of the Trinity River looking toward downtown Fort Worth. After all, it is the Trinity River. This one shows the continued high level of the river, but a sunny, dry day: good news to those suffering flood damage. The river crested last night:

Trinity River at Beach Street Looking Toward Downtown Fort Worth


June 10, 2004

Survey: Weather Big Part Of TV News; Mirgane Little Use As Weather Forecaster; Trinity River In Fort Worth Rises, Pic; Storms Could Complicate Traffic Amid Reagan Ceremonies; Denver, Detroit-Area Storms; Weather Turns ‘Lone Star State’ Into ‘No-Sport State’; Transit Of Venus Gallery, Pic; Forecast Warm For Next 15,000 Years; TWC Commercial Parameters Set

Dave Taylor: Survey shows why weather is a big part of TV news

Migraine Little Use as Weather Forecaster — Study

Lakes and rivers across much of North and Central Texas remain above flood levels, including the Trinity River in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is expected to crest at 33 feet, 6 feet above flood level. Here is a picture of the Trinity River looking toward downtown Fort Worth that I took this morning:

Trinity River Looking Toward Downtown Fort Worth

I’ve included it in the enormous flooding images slideshow from KXAS-TV

Thunderstorms, combined with rolling street closures around the Capitol, could complicate an already complicated traffic situation in Washington this afternoon and tomorrow, when the ceremonies honoring former president Ronald Reagan shift to the the Washington National Cathedral. Story

Hail Pounds Metro Denver Area From Second Day Of Storms

Storms Knock Down Wires, Trees Across Metro Detroit

From Texas: Wet weather causes statewide drought of live sports. More on North Texas flooding in yesterday’s entry below…

Check out the Transit of Venus Gallery at SpaceWeather.com

Nice Astronomy Pic of the Day: Venus at the edge

Talk about a long-range forecast: Weather Forecast Warm for the Next 15,000 Years

Weather Channel Sets Commercial Parameters


June 9, 2004

North Texas Persistent Rain Leads To More Flooding, Deaths; Picture Over The Swelling Trinity In Fort Worth; WeatherBug(R) Certified Under TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program

Severe Flooding Hits North Texas | Storms push area lakes, rivers to flood stage; Also: Flooding slideshow. Here is the latest radar loop for the area from the National Weather Service and current warnings and watches… Get radars and cams in the Dallas-Fort Worth page

Severe Weather Onslaught Continues in Texas

I took this image this morning while crossing the Trinity River on Beach Street just east of downtown Fort Worth (skyline in background). As you can see, the Trinity is getting mighty full:

Trinity River at Beach Street, Fort Worth

Some love it, others don’t: WeatherBug(R) Certified Under TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program


June 8, 2004

Houston, DFW Under Flood Watches; Weathe Reporting Requires 24/7 Security

Houston area under flood watch. Get radar and webcam images in the Houston page

North Texas: Red Cross Ready As Rain Rolls Through DFW Metroplex. Get radar and webcam images in the Dallas-Fort Worth page

Round the Clock Weather Reporting Requires Round the Clock Security


June 7, 2004

NASA Spends $60 Million On Weather Satellite Technology; Venus Stories; Flooding Hits North Texas; Mammatus Clouds Over Mexico; Daylight Meteor Shower

NASA spends $60 million on weather satellite technology

Stories on Venus’ passing in front of the Sun via Google News

From North Texas: Parts of Tarrant, Denton and Parker counties are under water after strong storms with heavy rains moved across North Texas overnight. Last Tuesday night’s storm left more than 500,000 people in the dark, and, after this latest storm, about 10,000 people are without power this morning in Dallas-Fort Worth. Story and radar image. Much more in the Dallas/Fort Worth page.

Astonomy Picture of the Day: Mammatus Clouds Over Mexico. Direct link

The strongest daylight meteor shower of the year, the Arietids, is underway. Details at SpaceWeather.com


June 6, 2004

Reagan Remembered; Slow-Moving Storms In DFW; Tornado Investigation In WA; TV Stations Fight Ratings With Radars; Cloud Or UFO?; Live Webcasts Of Venus’ Passing Between Sun, Earth

Hundreds of articles are now in Google News on the death of former President Ronald Reagan

Slow-moving thunderstorms are hitting North Texas with 60 mph winds and flooding rains. The storm comes just five days after the worst storm in TXU’s history. The area includes the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Get a streaming radar from KXAS-TV, and watches and warnings map. More radars and cams in the Dallas/Fort Worth page

Washington State: Weather Service Investigates Possible Tornado Sightings

TV stations fight weather ratings wars with radar

Lenticular Clouds Pose as Strange Spacecraft

Finally, SpaceWeather.com has a list of sites that will provide live webcasts of Venus’ passing between the Sun and Earth on June 8.


June 5, 2004

Severe Weather Hits North Carolina, East Texas; Lack Of Warnings In Alabama; Ohio Man In Iraq Sees Birth On Webcam; Web Etiquette In U.K.; Hacker Uses Cam To Spy On Family; Venus To Crawl Across Sun

Severe weather strikes parts of North Carolina

Alabama warnings too late? | No Warning from NOAA Weather Radios in Recent Storms

Severe Weather Causes Extensive Damage In East Texas

In the world of webcams: Columbus, Ohio Man In Iraq Sees Wife’s Birth Over Internet

Sensible conversations with friends and family and the use of good manners are the top priority for British webcam users, Telewest Broadband’s survey found. More on this story, which features the most up-close shot of a webcam I’ve ever seen…

Here’s an example of very bad manners: Hacker Uses Webcam To Spy On Family

And, in the world of space (that doesn’t really make sense, does it?): On June 8th, for the first time since 1882, Venus will pass directly between Earth and the Sun. Details at SpaceWeather.com


June 4, 2004

Simple DFW Storm Shot & Storm Update; Webcam Archive May Update

I didn’t get many pictures of Tuesday night’s storm that gave Dallas-Fort Worth its worst power outage numbers ever, but managed to snap this simple photo of a broken pole on Interstate 30 just east of downtown Fort Worth, while on my way to work. It was on the KXAS-TV page this morning. Here is the latest on the storm:

Pole damaged just east of downtown Fort Worth

WXnation Fort Worth Webcam updated archive for May 2004 includes the following pics (click on them for large versions in new windows):

WXnation Fort Worth Webcam

WXnation Fort Worth Webcam

WXnation Fort Worth Webcam


June 3, 2004

Weather Channel Sees Storm Success; Canadian Idol Rebounds From Snow; Warm Reception: Atmosphere Brings U.S. TV To Cubans; 2 Texans Die In Storms, 300,000 Remain Without Power In DFW; Thousands In Dark In Shreveport

Weather Channel storms ahead, adding longer shows and drawing more people…

Canadian Idol hit by snow: Braving the snow that buried the province of Nova Scotia, Canadian Idol headed to the East Coast

From a much warmer climate: Atmosphere brings American TV to Cubans

2 Texans Die In Storms, 300,000 Remain Without Power In Dallas/Fort Worth. Those looking to escape by doing some gambling just across the Texas border in Louisiana may find some locals who are in the same boat: Thousands still without power around Shreveport


June 2, 2004

3 Stomping Grounds Hit In 3 Days; Stormy Night #2 In North Texas; Columbus May See 16th Big Weather Day; Storms Hit Tulsa, OK, Arkansas

A large part of Oklahoma saw severe weather today (story here), including Stillwater, where I spent my first 8 years of life. So, the three different cities I’ve lived in for the longest periods of time have been hit by severe weather in three consecutive days: Fort Gratiot, MI, on Monday (freak tornado); Fort Worth, TX, on Tuesday (86 mph straight-line wind and hail) and Stillwater, OK, today (hail and winds gusting to 80 mph).

Additional strong storms hit North Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, tonight, after more than 500,000 people lost power in Tuesday night’s more severe storm — a record number of outages for the area: Story and streaming radar from KXAS-TV, and watches and warnings map. More radars and cams in the Dallas/Fort Worth page

While Dallas/Fort Worth got its first real encounter with severe weather in recent days (nice images of yesterday’s storms are in this slideshow), residents in Columbus, Ohio are asking: Will severe weather hit area for 16th straight day?

Storms popped up over eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas this afternoon, and damage has been reported in Tulsa (get cam and radar images in the Tulsa and Little Rock pages)…


June 1, 2004

Storms Hit North Texas, Michigan; Hurricane Season Starts; Heavy Miss. Rains; Arc Picture & Zenith TV; Texas Storms Injure 5; Storms With Large Hail Prompt Tornado Warnings

Strong storms hit my area – north Texas and Dallas/Fort Worth – this evening. Power was out to a large portion of Tarrant County (including my home for a couple of hours), and parts of Dallas County. Rotation was detected in south Arlington at I-20 and Highway 287, and a tornado was reported later in Navarro County.

Strangely enough, yesterday, a suspected tornado tore through one of the towns I grew up in just north of Port Huron, Michigan. Freak storm damages shopping plaza, cars. Thankfully, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported from either storm. If this is some sort of pattern, Stillwater, Oklahoma is next…

New month, new season: Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts

Severe weather continues to dump heavy rain in Mississippi

Looking for new wallpaper on your desktop: circumzenithal arc, posted at SpaceWeather.com. Hard to pronounce, but I may have included this because it has “zenith” in it, and I just purchased a 32″ Zenith HDTV, mostly because it has the HD tuner built in. Hopefully it will be even half-as reliable as my two Panasonic TVs, one from the mid-80s and the other from the late-90s.

And, back to Texas: Lightning Strike Injures 5 River Tubers In Central Texas | Storms With Large Hail Prompt Tornado Warnings


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