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July 31, 2004

Another Weather Blog Is Out There; Florida’s Eye On Tropical Weather; Cool Oklahoma, Indiana; N. Carolina Rainfall Record

When I started this blog early last year, I searched for another weather weblog with no luck. The other day, webmaster Ed Oswald of a similar blog — WeatherBlog — commented here to let me know someone else is out there… Thanks! If you know of others (or maintain them) please post ’em in the comments link below.

Weather updates: Florida Forecasters Watching Two Tropical Weather Systems | Additional coverage

Oklahoma cooler than usual, while Cool weather sets records around Indiana

North Carolina rainfall sets record


July 30, 2004

Florida Tropical Storm Watch; Flooding In N. Texas, N. Carolina; Severe Colorado Weather; AccuWX To Send Weather IMs; Good Wallpaper Pic

Florida tropical watch: Forecasters Closely Watch 2 Tropical Waves

North Texas flooding update: Texas Rain Storms Kill Two Near Dallas | Many additional stories

Flooding in North Carolina: Flooding, road work slow commuters

Colorado storms: Severe weather hits south and east of Denver metro area

AccuWeather To Send Weather IMs To Mobile Phones

And finally, another great wallpaper pic arrives, posted on SpaceWeather.com


July 29, 2004

Flooding Returns To Dallas/Fort Worth, N. Texas

Not again! Parts of North Texas that were flooded out in June are once again flooded from a storm yesterday that dumped a foot of rain and left hundreds of homes damaged in Lancaster, south of Dallas. It appears the Fort Worth suburbs Mansfield and Arlington were also hard hit. Slideshow and story from KXAS-TV. The latest watches and warnings are here. Many other weather and cam links are in the Dallas/Fort Worth page


July 28, 2004

Record Rainfall In Maryland; Tornado In New York State; N. Texas Flood Watches

I’ve just returned from an evening at Mount Rushmore and a day in the Black Hills. I haven’t been there since I was a child, and it was fun … a great place to spend time and money, and the weather was incredible.

Here are some stormy weather news updates:

Thunderstorm Pelts Maryland With Record Rainfall

National Weather Service confirms New York State storm packed a tornado

And flood watches for North Texas. Get radars and cams in the Dallas-Fort Worth page


July 27, 2004

New WXnation.com Webcam Live; XM Satellite Radio Adds Weather Channels; New Mobile Weather App For Sprint PCS Users; Cool Weather In Indy, Iowa

It appears my friends and co-workers really do read this daily display of musings, and one of them — Ginny Bonner — gets it right when she writes in a comment yesterday that a new addition to the *family* of WXnation.com Webcams is in South Dakota (with thanks to generous in-laws). Behold, a live view from Lake Mitchell, located just north of Mitchell, South Dakota’s city limits. One may see birds to the left, boaters on the water, or complete darkness at night. The cam updates automatically every 15 seconds, and now sits atop the list of webcam links in the Sioux Falls page. This cam joins WXnation.com’s first two cams, located due south (and quite a long way south, I might add) in Fort Worth, TX. And Frank, I know you were the first to post a comment on this, but Ginny had the guts to include her name, so she gets all the credit…

XM Satellite Radio will add traffic and weather channels devoted to Atlanta (XM Channel 227), Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (XM Channel 230), Minneapolis-St. Paul (XM Channel 219), San Diego (XM Channel 223), and Seattle (XM Channel 220) for a total of 21 traffic and weather channels for XM subscribers nationwide. Press release here

Air2Web and the Weather Channel develop new mobile weather application for Sprint PCS users

Cool Indy continueshas yet to see a 90 degree day this year, while it’s also cooler than usual in Iowa


July 26, 2004

Flooding In New Mexico, New Jersey; He’s Chasing Tornadoes; Weather Bug Success; New WXnation.com Cam On Horizon

Parts of the U.S. see stormy weekend with flooding in New Mexico, New Jersey

He’s chasing funnel clouds in Tornado Alley

WeatherBug site a Web success

And, finally, a new WXnation.com webcam is in the works, this one from a much different location than Fort Worth, TX, where the two “HQ” cams are located. An update on this to follow soon…


July 25, 2004

Kansas Flooding; Cool South Dakota

Wave after wave of rain has moved through Kansas, causing flooding, which I saw firsthand Saturday afternoon while driving up 135 and Highway 81: What’s up with the weather? (From Salina) | Flooding storms in with July cool front | More via Google News

Another story in the news that I can directly relate to: Cool summer weather hits South Dakota. This was my destination Saturday evening… I am staying with relatives. We spent some time on a nice lake here, and it sure felt cold to a Texan (the overnight low of 48 will feel like freezing when I’m used to lows in the mid-70s).


July 24, 2004

Power Out; Satellite Plea; Tune In; NJ Floods; Jet Stream

Severe Weather Cuts Power In Albuquerque, Rio Rancho

Lawmakers Make Plea to Keep Weather Satellite

Tune in for weather only if it’s really bad

Heavy rain again creates havoc around state

Here’s how the jet stream affects weather on the ground


July 23, 2004

Washington State Heat; Oklahoma City Cell Towers Maid Aid In Weather Reporting; Flood Warnings In Kansas; Bug Junkies; Cleanup In Indiana

Washington State Heat: Weather Eye: Our temperatures will climb past 100 today

Oklahoma City: Cell towers may aid in weather reporting

Heavy rain prompts flood warnings in Kansas

Weather junkies keep this bug in business

Northwest Indiana cleans up after storm


July 22, 2004

Fire Danger In California; California Power Plant Goes Offline; Colorado Storms Inculde Hail; Indiana Storms; IL Storm Watch; Logitech Profit Up

Some weather news this evening…

From California: Fire danger can only get worse

California Power Plant Goes Offline As State Faces More Hot Weather

Thunderstorms in Colorado bring hail, high water

Storms roar through Indiana

Illinois under thunderstorm watch today

And, in the world of webcams: Logitech Q1 net profit triples, sees better demand


July 21, 2004

175 Homes Evacuated In Latest L.A. Wildfire; Weather Channel Features New Mobile Weather App On Sprint; Officially Entering World Of Wi-Fi

175 Homes Evacuated In Latest L.A. Wildfire | Wildfires strike early in California | Other Stories From Google News

The Weather Channel(R) Turns Up the Heat With New Mobile Weather Application on Sprint

I have a Sprint PCS phone, but later today, I am expecting a new arrival into my family of small technology gadgets: A Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC, welcoming me to the world of Wi-Fi… I’ve done some research on Wi-Fi hotspots since I will be on the road with my wife, and noticed that many Flying J and Love’s/Pilot truck stops in the Central Plains have Wi-Fi hotspots. Add this to bookstores, cafes, hotels, airports, and educational facilities, and I should be set wherever I may be. Some of the best online Wi-Fi hotspot finders I’ve come across: Wi-Fi Freespot Directory, WiFi411.com, and jiwire.com


July 20, 2004

ND Tornado F-4?; Keep Pets Safe In Heat Campaign; TV Weatherman On Radio; Largest Free Personal Weather Station Network Launched

North Dakota tornado may have been F-4

Campaign Launched To Keep Pets Safe In Hot Weather

Former TV weatherman on the radio

Ambient Weather® and Weather Underground® Launch World’s Largest Free Personal Weather Station Network


July 19, 2004

1,600 Homes Evacuated As Wildfire Rages On In N. Los Angeles County; Idaho Fires Contained; TN Severe Weather; Hot Weather Warnings For Sleeping, Exercising; Weather Migranes; Wield World Weather; Weather Van; Destruction One Year Ago

1,600 Homes Evacuated As Wildfire Rages On In N. Los Angeles County | Calif. Blaze Threatens Hundreds of Homes | Southern California blaze jumps fire lines; families flee | Other stories from Google News

Live cam images and weather info from the L.A. area are in the Los Angeles page

Weather helps crews contain Idaho fires

Oak Ridge, TN still picking up after Saturday’s severe weather

Hot weather warning about sleeping with windows open | Hot-weather exercise harder on the heart

BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3901397.stm”>Weather is a trigger for migraine

World suffers from weird weather

Weather van keeps eye on sky

July 22, 2003: A day of destruction


July 18, 2004

Deleware City Manager Dealing With Floods; Flood Watches In Mid-Atlantic; Wildfire Burns 7,600 Acres Near Nevada Capital; Extreme Weather In China; British Open Weather Worsens; Weather Better Than Alternative; Meteorologist Loves Pressure; Indy Library Cams; High Wisconsin Tornado Count

“You kind of wonder whether we’ve screwed up the planet,” Deleware City Manager Paul Morrill said as he worked to keep ahead of flooding threats around a riverside town. Story

Flash flood watches are effective through this evening in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Deleware and Maryland: Story … Get the latest radar and webcam images, plus watches and warnings info in the following pages: Philly, NYC/New Jersey, Baltimore (includes Deleware)

Wildfire Burns 7,600 Acres Near Nevada Capital

Extreme weather takes toll across China

Weather worsens at British Open

Is the weather that bad, or is it better than no weather at all? Story

Cleveland meteorologist loves the high pressure

Webcams now focused on the future of the Indianapolis library. These cams are located in the Indianapolis page

Wisconsin 2004 Twister Count Higher Than Normal


July 17, 2004

Storms Hit MS; MO Storm Noisy, Not Damaging; Canadian Cold Weather System Moves East, Firebugs Weather Phenomenon; Webcam Helps Capture Burglars

Storms hit Mississippi

Missouri storm made a lot of noise but did no real damage

Up North: Cold weather system expends its final fury in Quebec | Firebugs hot weather phenomenon

And, in the world of webcams: A woman in Kentucky looking at a friend’s webcam on the Internet helped police in Florida arrest two teens on burglary charges there, after the webcam transmitted the images of two intruders at the friend’s home. Details


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