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About The Site:

By Bill Young Jr., Founder of WXnation.com (Updated Jan. 2014):

WXnation.com, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is dedicated to providing you with the best local weather, traffic, and live cam resources in easy-to-navigate pages. The goal of this site is to provide you with as many relevant weather and webcam resources as possible, and to make sure all are active links with updated content. The current link count is more than 12,000, and each is checked regularly to make sure as many as possible are working.

Since its debut on Feb. 27, 2002, WXnation.com has grown dramatically in visits and size. See how the site looked in its first week: Mar. 4, 2002 (opens in new window). Since its launch, more than 100 cities have been added, along with a "best-of sites" page, a viewers' top webcams page, live webcams (once in Arlington, now in far north Fort Worth), site-wide search engine, weather blog, Top 20 cities visited by month, biggest weather days, WXnation Weather Station, plus the addition of links from space to allergies in the National page.

Before WXnation.com, there was DxLive.com, which provided the Dallas-Fort Worth area with links to TV, radio, weather and entertainment sites. DxLive was online from January 2000 to October 2001. (Note: My ownership of the DxLive.com domain name came to an end in 2001. The domain name has since been purchased by another company).

WXnation.com Timeline:

Feb. 2002: Launch site | See Archive | Wayback Feb. 2004: wxna.com becomes shortcut to site
July 2002: Add SuperSites! "best of cams" page Mar. 2004: Site now verified XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Sept. 2002: Reach 5,000th URL listed in site Apr. 2004: Custom Weather Sat/Radar Map added
Sept. 2002: Add U.S. flag to main logo for 9/11 Apr. 2004: Listing Top 20 cities/month on home
Oct. 2002: Advertising on site begins Aug. 2004: Blog's coverage of '04 hurricanes begins
Nov. 2002: Top Webcams, WXnation Webcam added Sept. 2004: Traffic shifts site to dedicated server
Jan. 2003: Ft. Worth skyline cam added/ends in Apr. Oct. 2004: Reach 10,000th URL listed in site
Jan. 2003: Left nav with cities, CSS elements added Oct. 2004: Site Map added
Feb. 2003: Internal search engine added Jan. 2005: Top 100 Streaming Webcams added
Feb. 2003: WXnation Weblog/RSS feed launch 2/19 Feb. 2005: WXphotos Gallery added
Mar. 2003: Blog begins Middle East cam/wx updates June 2005: WXnation Blog renamed WXnation Wire
June 2003: WXnation Webcam, site to N. Ft. Worth June 2005: WXnation Weather Station from our HQ added
July 2003: Add Top Weather Days of the Year Aug./Sept. 2005: WXnation Wire covers Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath and Rita
Dec. 2003: Reach 7,500th URL listed in site Sept. 2005: 1st city page outside of US and Canada added: London, UK
Jan. 2004: Site's black background changed to light blue June 2006: Atlantic Hurricane Resources page added
Jan. 2004: PDA/Mobile page added May 2007: Hurricane Resources 2007 page added
Feb. 2004: WXnation Blog gets new look Sept./Oct. 2007: New look: Radar/sat section; Two main columns to one
  Jan. 2008: Your Weather customizable weather pages debut

About The Founder/Webmaster: By Bill Young Jr.

I first must thank Jesus Christ for everything. As for my career, I have worked on a handful of Web sites since February 1997. In Jan. 1998, with TV reporter Roger Weber's help, I accepted an internship at WDIV-TV in Detroit. After graduating from Oakland University that spring, I had became WDIV.com's Associate Webmaster and then Webmaster, and worked with talented people at Developers Choice, as well as the late Adam Miller's Webcrossings and PCMike. With computer-wizard Bill Mullen's help at WDIV, I worked in 1998 to get the online launches of the still highly-visited Detroit live cam (which debuted in Jan. 1999), Doppler radar loops and live streaming noon newscasts and special events in RealVideo, including the Hudson's Fireworks and Detroit Red Wings parades. Something I put together that's still online today is WDIV-TV's history page. I  worked at KXAS-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth beginning in Jan. 2000 and then for Internet Broadcasting from Dec. 2001 to Dec. 2009.

I have a wonderful wife who has lived in North Texas since she was 4, a 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.

This weather and webcam site exists because I love views, and, like many people, I am fascinated by weather and enjoy a good (but not too destructive) thunderstorm. I probably would have become a meteorologist, if it wasn't for the math and science…

For those wanting my pre-WXnation.com "works," here you go: Musical & Penned Contributions Page

Comments & Reviews

Comments From Visitors:

-"I love your site and have been using daily for years!" Brian, Lauderdale By The Sea, FL (March 2008)

-"Love your site, go to it constantly during the day," Debbie, Bullhead City, AZ (Jan. 2008)

-"Find your site a great 'launching pad'...for visits all over!" Ralph S., Newtown, Australia (Dec. 2007)

-"Thank you thank you thank you !!!!! I found your site thru Google, and it helped me find the site I needed to guide my daughter home from work 30 miles away. We live in WNY and are experiencing some blowing snow and white outs, thanks to you I was able to get her home safely. The local stations and several other unnamed sites were of no help.
thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!," L M (Dec. 2007)

-"I am in Minnesota.... Your site here is the best I have ever seen. Thank You," Grant N. (Dec. 2007)

- "I view your Portland, OR, page every day, and especially enjoy your live streaming radar links. I wish there were more," Bob, Lincoln City, OR

- "Love your site. I stayed up late checking out all the cams," Mark, Metro Oklahoma City, OK

-"I've been meaning to send you an email for awhile now, stating how beneficial your website (wxnation) is to not only to the public at large but also businesses such as mine. I've only been interrupted from doing so by the 2 most recent hurricanes affecting our nation with catastrophic impact.

As Hurricane Rita has now diminished to a rain storm and I've finally found time away from your website to write this, It's now time to let you know how much I for one have appreciated all you've accomplished during this trying period.

You've kept all of us informed and up to date about every aspect of these recent hurricanes. Most especially appreciated are the LIVE Internet Streaming Videos somehow kept alive from affected stations in the areas impacted by the storms. You provided us with links to DRAMATIC LIVE COVERAGE and constantly updated them. This allowed us, as well as the rest of the world, to view Real Time the terrible disasters as they occurred. Kudos to you Mr. Young.

Thanks again for the great service you provide to anyone anywhere in the world," Mike D., Carlsbad, CA (Hotelocity.com)

-"I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT job you are doing!!! I check your weather news daily and love the types of things you include- because these are all MY interests too. And, thank you for you coverage on the Katrina hurricane- I find that I want to check your site rather than the big news organizations because you give a more rounded list of articles. And more poignant. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!" Susan T., Oregon

- "Good Grief!! You people are comprehensive!!! Discovered your site yesterday and am delighted...........took bout 45 minutes to explore it all......  I live in an oceanfront condo in Broward Co. FL.........(Ft. Lauderdale).......and we are most attentive to weather sites during hurricane season.  Have currently 32 weather sites in my address book.......but have now abandoned them all in admiration of your site.
What ever you're doing........keep doing it!!      Paul
(Your site has been posted in our lobby for the consolation and security of my neighbors...........I realize you are in the weather business.......but given the resulting warnings we have of approaching storms.......you  are probably in the life-saving business as well.)," Paul, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

- "Sir, I would like to thank you and tell you how much I enjoy your website. First thing I look at each day. Many times last thing I look at each nite. I live in Atlanta, Texas. In the extreme North East part of the State. I am an old Geezer of 78 years. You did a great job," Visitor from NE Texas

"Great site!! I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for bringing all these great streaming webcam links together in one place!" Jeff, Birmingham, AL

"Just discovered your website. It's very good. I just hope that you can keep your links updated, especially webcams. So far, that looks pretty good too!!!" M O H. III, Concord, NC

"I just learned of your site this past weekend, and I must say it is fantastic.... Thanks for a great site, it's unbelievable," Jim M., Redford, MI

- "You have, by far THE coolest site on the web!!! I am totally addicted and so are a bunch of my friends. We spend our free time fighting for control of the control cams! WE NEED MORE CONTROL CAMS!!! The New York Hudson one is awesome!!!" Trish W., Weedsport, NY

- "Love this site. Keep up the good work," Sharon, Iowa Falls, IA

- "Very nice site ... easy to use and full of all kinds of information and other weather goodies," Diane, Tampa, FL

- "Great job on the site! It's about time that somebody did something like this!" Paul Gross, WDIV-TV Meteorologist, Detroit, MI

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!

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Reviews & Features In The Media World:

UK's Times Online, 9/22/05: Links to Houston page for Hurricane Rita

Lost Remote, 9/20/05 and 9/03/04: Listed among Hurricane blogs for Rita and Frances coverage

Katrina features from 8/28-9/7/05: (WXnation Wire and New Orleans/Baton Rouge pages linked)

Drudge Report 8/29/05
USAToday.com 8/29/05-9/2/05
story side-bars
World Net Daily 8/29/05
ArtsJournal.com 8/29/05
TheSpoof.com 8/29/05
WAVE-TV 3, Louisville, KY 8/29/05
WIS-TV 10, Columbia, SC 8/29/05
WOOD-TV 8, Grand Rapids, MI 8/29/05
KFAB-AM 1110, Omaha, NE - Drive Time Omaha with Tom Becka
CapitalWeather.com, Irish Trojan's blog
and many other weather blogs

Featured on MSNBC's Connected Coast To Coast with Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley, 6/10/05

Mentioned In These TV Newscasts and Linked In TV Web Sites Following PC Mike Report For NBC News Channel, 4/26/05:

KNTV-TV 11, San Francisco
WFLA-TV 8, Tampa
WCMH-TV 4, Columbus, OH
WSMV-TV 4, Nashville, TN
WJFW-TV 12, Northern Wisconsin
WTWO-TV 2, Terre Haute, IN

Tech:Knowledge, 9/03/04: Tech blogger Mike Wendland says the WXnation Blog is his "favorite site for Hurricane Frances news"

Fark.com, 9/03/04: Farkers have linked to me during storms that hit Indianapolis on May 30, and during Hurricane Frances

Washington Post, 8/15/04: Mentioned in front-page story [Style section] on weather bloggers (Registration required)

WBBH-TV 2 (NBC-2), Fort Myers, FL, 10/11/03: "Quick and easy to use. Just click any city on their site," Tom's site of the week. (The other site for the month is for the World Series -- what an honor to be in such great company!)

WMTW-TV 8, Portland, ME, Jeff & Troy, 07/18/03: Listed as Surf's Up Web site of the day

AroundCarolina.com, 11/23/02: "Why settle for local weather when you can get forecasts, web cams and radar maps from anywhere in the country!" Linked again on Web guide page on 10/15/03

Detroit Free Press, Mike Wendland article, 11/03/02: Indulge yourself in exploring weather facts and images

KTBZ-FM 94.5 The Buzz, Houston/High Tech Texan Web Site of the Day, Aug. 2002: Site mentioned and linked to on The Morning Buzz and High Tech Texan by Michael Garfield.

PCMike.com Web Site of the Day, 8/20/02: Detroit Free Press/NBC-TV/CBS Radio reporter/broadcaster Mike Wendland wrote: "Whether or not you are a Weather Junkie, you have to visit this site to see how much information you can learn about the climate while surfing the Internet. The best "live" streaming radar and cams in cyberspace." In his Daily E-Journal, he added, "(WXnation is) one of the slickest weather sites I've seen anywhere…. There are links to most every live radar site in the U.S., live weather Web cams from across the country, and detailed forecasts for every region."

CyberPaperboy.com, Aug. 2002: The late Webmaster David Akerley said, "(The) site is awesome … I am really impressed with it."

Thanks, media world, for all of your support!

Press Releases:

May 9, 2005: Media Discovers Thousands of Live Weather and Webcam Images Via WXnation.com

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